Lets start of with a term that I slightly modified to fit into my own perceptions of what a Pseudo-Sceptic actually is.

Keeping in mind, I am not speaking of true scepticism and those great flexible minded individuals, who help drive forward real information. Here we talk about:


Pseudo-Sceptic: Applies “critical thinking” only to that which opposes their BELIEF system or materialism, but never to the status-quo itself for truthful exploration. Has visions of grandeur in relation to their own self-importance in society, often putting their own belief systems and ego-driven purpose ahead of the general populace. Some without any academic qualification, also feel they are of higher intellect that those who do have, ridiculing, debunking and swerving in the name of self-gratification and in the hope of recognition from other like-minded people.

Okay, I admit, I added lots more on to the paragraph than I initial envisioned. I could actually go further, due to a lengthy rest from the paranormal community whereas I relentlessly studied all aspects of real scepticism as opposed to the Pseudo-Sceptical approach.

I was actually blown away by the mindset of the latter, much in the way I was reminded of some religions and their fundamentalist members. They actually match perfectly in the symptoms they posses and thus show such, openly to all who will listen or read.

Lets get something straight at this point, before my email box rings red-hot. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an open-minded sceptic and it should be applauded at every turn. I am in no way ridiculing, debunking nor attacking these people, actually, I am not even attacking Pseudo-Sceptics either. Preferring to highlight the latter in order to balance the information, in favour of real non-egotistical exploration and evolution towards the truth of reality.

I have little time for those who place barriers for self-gratification and steer the masses away from real experiences.

I have even less time for those who ridicule the public and their experiences, as if in some way superior to them while all along, using their status to make money or gain popularity within their set-groups.

They shall cry that those who claim a gift and sell a book are charlatans, yet the fail to look at members of the sceptical societies who are also claiming things and selling books. Do you see the problem….we call it cherry picking around here, something I will ALWAYS highlight when I see it!

As soon as someone closes their mind and only sees what they want to see, due to their mindset which is conditioned, we then have a problem.

There is no power in cynicism. There is no forward thrust in cynicism.
Jesse Jackson

You see, they are now displaying their ignorance of the larger reality and trying to project their subjective viewpoint on the masses. They then seek out like-minded people and BANG…We have a collection of like-minded people with similar viewpoints who think they have sussed out the world and the nature of reality. Poppycock!!!

They know exactly the same as everyone else...NOTHING

Their education on the nature of reality (if they have any, they may be sheep) has been given to them in a textbook from someone else’s viewpoint on reality.

Who is to say the creator of the information, they have studied, was correct? Maybe they were conditioned too, maybe they had it wrong, where is the progression of information as we evolve consciously?

This is the point where we see clearly that an open, flexible mindset is the ONLY way to progress the information and studies into a whole host of topics. We can not progress on outdated belief systems and materialistic agendas.

Listen, we are either evolving or de-evolving in this reality, there is no standing still on old methodologies or concepts. We either progress with new thought, new techniques and leaving the conditioning out of the picture or we go backwards and find ourself stuck and slowly being left behind in an old world that no longer exists.

“In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

It’s a sad state of affairs that in 2013 we still see members of society who are trying to hold us back in old concepts, or even looking after self-interests, at the detriment of the masses.

They are in fear that their comfortable reality may be altered by new discoveries that empower everyone and they fall back into the crowd being no more important than everyone else. This scares the bejesus out of them and they see those who are pushing for new discoveries as a threat, hence they try to ridicule, debunk and attack in any way they can.

I can tell you straight at this point, as long as I am involved in this research and study I will continue to highlight and exposes any of this ludicrous behaviour as I encounter it. Not to gratify their argumentative side, oh no, that’s not how I roll, we will just stick to the true facts and less of the bogging down in pointless debates that go round and round and stifle the real progressive movement.

Please keep in mind, that when you doubt something, you must go out and check it out for yourself. Do not take my word or anyone’s word for it. Regardless if they are famous, authoritative or classed as intellectual due to a qualification or association with a society.

It’s your job to find out personally and experience with your own eyes, mind and being. They will try to recruit you into their gang of debunkers….a group of people who will attack like dogs to reinforce their own firm held beliefs. Do not fall for it!!

True Scepticism with an open mind gets a big thumbs up, Pseudo-Scepticism gets exposed with the participants ignored until they get flexible with their mindset. There is no place for self-interest here, we need to progress and evolve, I will be darned if I will allow myself to be de-evolved and let others think for me.

Watch out for more articles and highlighting of the above, right here at Haunted Scotland.

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