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Members of the paranormal research field get a hard time from many quarters, whether it be about finding extraordinary evidence, which I have shown to be irrational, or due to individuals who are using the field to propel media careers, while they attack all and sundry to reach that goal.

I have also discovered that location owners, or curators, may in fact be playing games also, to boost their own work and place teams against each other with behind-back whispers, or even trying to catch out mediumistic researchers with false information.

What I will not touch on here is the Extraordinary Evidence claims or Pseudo-Sceptics, I think I have made myself perfectly clear on that front in past articles.

I would like to focus on people who seem to be using others to further their own personal agendas, careers or even locations that they manage or own.

I was both alarmed and disgusted when I was recently made aware of a local location owner in Fife, who had not only used our past organisational work to boost his own book sales, but also, admittedly slighted my name to others in the field as unprofessional on location while deeming himself as an expert.

Forgetting myself, as this really has no impact on me, I was more alarmed at a confession that this gentleman tricked all the mediumistic researchers who worked with myself or with other organisations. The location is supposedly a place where witches were kept prisoner and various tools and props can be found within.

The information provided by other researchers, who had spoken to the location key-holder, who merely rents the place to conduct history tours and push his book, was that one such prop, built by him, was being falsely described as a historic tool of torture.

The stick with nail’s sticking out was said to be historical in nature, with a full alleged history of such, this was then passed to the mediums [to hold] so he could see if they fell for his trick [By repeating his made up story]. Apparently this was the gentleman testing people, then laughing about it to other organisations, while insulting the people he had tricked.

I find this type of behaviour despicable, and class all Investigations at this location, now as untrustworthy in information, and refuse to publish our extensive accounts from there.

Information also suggests that all the people who went in to do research, would be greeted with small tales about other researchers, causing trouble between teams and ultimately, contributing to the already fragile state of the field and relationships.

Now, I highlight this example, not as some way to hit back at the person, but to show the problems faced. I would never name the location or person, as I refuse to indulge in such behaviour, and I also prefer to show respect, even though none has been shown to others form the source.

The next thing to highlight would be trouble team-members, who have a goal to not only exceed others in the organisation, but also pursue personal goals for fame or fortune with no concern for the people who stand in the way.

It’s vitally important that organisations are absolutely vigilant when recruiting members. One wrong choice and the whole organisation is at risk of collapse with many strong bonds broken.

Personally, I’ve witnessed a whole host of problems, my advice would be to have a good application system in place and trial positions offered, until people prove their worth to the research your organisation undertakes.

Protect your research, in as much as allowing no one to undermine your work foundations, your forward moving purpose in the field and your pure enjoyment in contributing to an ever evolving study, filled with breathtaking discoveries.

So whether it be a location owner who is using you to further their materialistic aims, or a new recruit, who is hell-bent in profiting from your purpose in life, the forward advancement of paranormal research and discovery, be vigilant and protective.

Surround yourself with people who have a similar purpose and drive, those who vibrate on your level or the level you wish to acquire. However, you must cut those out who drag you, your work and your vision down, those people who are not in alignment to your life’s work.

This will allow you to step out from the problems this field can produce at times. Concentration on your own advancement and understandings, not forgetting, those little ah-ha moments will come stronger when you take the focus away from those who are causing mischief.

So, although I highlight the problems above, the solution has also been added to show how to manoeuvre yourself away from the problems. This should empower you to push on with that burning desire and purpose and provide amazing work for the community at  large.

A likeable little guy once said: “Be the change you want to see in the world” and I’m going to repeat such in regards to what we are all doing here. Be impeccable with your respect, be vigilant in your work and never chat to location owners about others in the same field, or allow the reverse if trouble making is evident.

Lets all be that change we want to see, lets all leave behind the negativity and start really enjoying the work we love to do.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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