Pets & The Afterlife

It happens to many people and can be absolutely devastating; some say its like losing a child and many agree that the grieving process is extremely tough.

I’m talking about the loss of a pet, our little friends that we care for all our lives and adopt into our family.

Do they carry on in spirit though, are there any suggestions that they do and what about spiritual apparitions of our little companions?

This is a subject I have personal trouble dealing with, I do not do death of pets very well and this past year has bore witness to a plethora of circumstances where I’ve grieved the loss of our little furry ones.

As I type, I also look over my shoulder at my largest Goldfish, who is critically ill and most likely taking his last actions in life. It is heartbreaking, regardless of my personal thoughts on the afterlife, I just can not bear to let them go. I must though!!

However; the question is, do they carry on in the afterlife or do they cease to be for eternity.

Like many of such writings here, or different hypothesises I entertain, I have to look for the assistance of others to help in this quest for answers and I start of at Kim Sheridan, who in her own quest to find answers – sought stories from many who have experienced such –  for her book Animals and the Afterlife.

The first case was that of Mr Stone, who was a sceptic in such matters of spiritual afterlife’s and such happenings. This, of course, was until he saw the spirit of a dog….

‘I was once walking down an unlit road at night when I saw a big white dog come across the road. It was jumping as it moved – but in slow motion – and just went through the fence on the other side and on up through a field.

‘I watched as it ran, still in slow motion, until I lost sight of it. So yes, I believe animals have spirits as we do.

‘I think that every living thing has an afterlife.’

This highlights what I have said a plethora of times – with regards to the need to experience first hand – before discounting such possibilities.

Animal communicator Gail De Sciose told Sheridan: ‘People have told me they have actually felt the physical presence of their animals after they have died.

‘There was one woman who told me that at times she could feel her cat sitting on her lap purring, even though the cat had passed away.’

This is no surprise to me, due to personal experience, as I often go on about here at Haunted Scotland.

On a few occasions, I’ve had very gifted people describe – EXACTLY – a pet which has long passed away, as being around me in the home.

They have got the look, character and, of course, type of pet. They had no foreknowledge and certainly the chance of guessing correct, would never be entertained; even by a betting person, that’s for sure.

Many people report their long gone cat as snuggling up to them in bed, covers indented and the feeling of a curled up friend laying behind the legs.

I’ve reported such here at Haunted Scotland on many occasions for the readers.

How about Bonnie and her Ghost Kitty:

Well, we have two boy cats and they seem normal indoor pets although at times they go a bit scatter brained bouncing, fussing, fighting, lunging & tumble rolling around the house with one another. Until we noticed there was a difference when we moved here with the two cat, they started jumping out of full sleep or when they were just lying on the floor as if something pinched their backside and then they started watching something together although we could not see what they were looking at.

You can read the full story HERE

Then we have Velmapip at the boarding Kennels:

I think that we have activity here. Lots of strange things happen, for instance – our knick-knacks shelf in the bathroom gets cleared and the bathroom door gets shut then the knick-knacks get put behind the door, so you have to use the door to shove the stuff out the way before you can go in.

Could this be a mischievous dog in spirit?

Or how about Faeden and his beloved companion:

I woke up to see star standing over me as she did when alive, wagging her tail, I could even feel her breath on my cheek. I sat up confused thinking it was a vivid dream, but it felt different from a dream, but not the same as the normal awake state.

You can read the full account HERE

This is but a small part of the reports we hear daily, everything from horses to the smallest furriest friends that we dedicate our lives too.

I’ve personally asked a plethora of people about animals and the afterlife and the replies have been identical from all...YES! They do carry on in the afterlife!

It certainly does not make the grieving any less, but it does give a warm feeling that we will, at some point, meet up with our little friends again!

I hope some of you take comfort from the above.

Do you have any stories to share? Please do get in touch!

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

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