The Pearce Institute – Glasgow – Overnight Ghost Event

The Pearce Institute – Glasgow – Overnight Event – Ghost Event

Event Dates: Hosted By Our Friends at Ghostevents.co.uk

The Pearce Institute – Glasgow – Overnight Event – Ghost Event

The Pearce Institute Ghost Event

The stunning building – which sits within Govan – was commissioned by Lady Dinah Pearce in memory of her late husband Sir William Pearce MP of the Fairfield Shipyard, who died in 1888. The building was designed by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson in the style of a large 17th century Scottish town house and constructed between 1902 and 1906.

The Pearce Institute was intended as a local social centre for the surrounding community and offered ‘Govanites’ a men’s u0026amp; women’s reading room and clubs, a library, a gymnasium, cooking and laundry departments, and a retiring room. In addition to this, the organ, stage and gallery in the McLeod Hall made it a popular venue for dance and social gatherings alike.

On the wall at the entrance to the building is the greeting:

“This is a House of Friendship. This is a House of Service. For Families, For Lonely Folk. For the People of Govan. For the Strangers of the World. Welcome.”

Haunted Scotland – in conjunction with Ghost Events Scotland – has found that the friendly welcome is not only open to those in the physical, well, not going by the vast experience of walking this location with the public on our highly successful overnight events.

It seems we are not alone in this conclusion either, looking at our paranormal files which are bursting with information and witness testimony.

Paranormal Activity

The apparition of a ghostly woman has been witnessed walking across the foyer. Lights The Pearce Institute Ghost Eventhave been reported form within the building, as well as a tap that switches on by itself. On Investigation sessions, we have heard tapping noises from the kitchen area within the Fairfield Room, which seems to happen very much on demand at times. The presence of a man has been reported in the main hall on a number of occasions. On one occasion the caretaker reported hearing organ music coming from the hall, but the organ is in a decommissioned state and couldn’t be played, so where did this music come from and how is this possible?

Our audio sessions from within The Pearce Institute have proven to be highly interesting, not only by providing information that is relevant to this location, but also to the people who join us, who have at times sworn they hear their loved ones come through LIVE!!

What is it about the energies associated with this lovely building, does it sit in a unique position for paranormal occurrences?

Join Paranormal Researcher Ryan O’Neill, as he assists the team at Ghost Events Scotland – listed below – in search of the mysteries that lay uncovered at this stunning location.

The Team u0026amp; Event Schedule

Lynne u0026amp; Gary Knight, the coordinators – and owners – of all listed events, and two of the most enthusiastic paranormal researchers you could ever work with. Gary has a unique ability to take you back into the mindset of those who once operated in the locations, reciting historical facts, building the scene, and using this to raise the energy from within sessions. Lynne has a unique ability to be in the right place on the session, intuitively sensing the energies of the area, using equipment to back up these assertions, and getting the public fully involved in the search. They will ensure everyone plays an active part, and will not miss out in this unique experience!

Ryan O’Neill, is a paranormal researcher with 10 years experience from within Scotland’s most haunted locations. Where he can – outside his other duties – Ryan will join up to offer experience and knowledge freely to everyone with a deep interest of the subject. As an experienced hobby enthusiast, he has plenty to share with everyone!

Ryan has worked with some of the very best known researchers from throughout the world, and keeps in regular contact with them to ensure he stays up to date on the very latest techniques that can assist in capturing real paranormal activity. You may recognise Ryan from TV shows such as Most Haunted, Brew Dogs with Barry Fitzgerald u0026amp; Mark Turner, and national projects that promote the field of paranormal research and investigation.

Janice Dodds, a very gifted ‘Trance Medium’ from East Lothian who has a plethora of experience working in connection with the spiritual world. The loveable famous medium Albert Best guides Janice on and off location, Albert was a Medium who came from Northern Ireland, and was known for his accuracy and amazing spiritual connection. Janice is unique, and you will not have experienced sessions like she will provide, with new ideas to give you a potential direct interaction.

Tammy O’Neill, is a trainee researcher at Haunted Scotland – out with her full time study towards college entry – she will join in on sessions, assist the public, and make everyone feel welcome during the evening.

The Walking Tour

The Pearce Institute Ghost NightWe will start by taking you around the location with our very gifted Trance Medium, Janice Dodds, where she will attempt to gather information from the environment on an energetic basis using her gift. If there are active spirits in the area, she will let us all know, and we can then plan exactly what we can do moving forward throughout the night sessions. We will be looking for names, dates, energy levels, and anything else that Janice can provide during this important part of the event.

The Main Sessions

Not every session is the same, but combined they provide a powerful possibility of experiencing paranormal activity first hand. Whether this is through the ‘Live Audio’ work with Ryan, Spiritual communication u0026amp; energy lifting sessions with Janice, or observations and experiments with Lynne u0026amp; Gary, there will be an exciting mix of possibilities from throughout the night. All sessions are timed, with breaks in-between, so you can refresh and push forward in the exploration of the locations mysteries. We will not let too much away, so you can look forward to these rather interesting periods within the location.

Free Roam – Use What You Learn

By this time, you will know the location, hopefully had direct experience, and will be ready to freely roam the areas (Staff will observe for Health u0026amp; Safety reasons) investigated already in the above sessions. This is the chance to do your own thing, take photographs, videos, or attempt additional audio work. Time to put into action what you have learned thus far!

Debrief u0026amp; Questions

This is the time to reflect on the night, to see what each team experienced, see what Haunted Scotland Eventsmatches as direct hits, and start to build the picture of what we have all went through together. We can take some questions, talk about the sessions, and begin to settle down in preparation for our journeys home.

Do you fancy it? A night in a haunted location? Use the booking buttons above, and we will see you there!

Haunted Scotland’s Involvement is Non-Profit, and driven by passion for this topic. Please contact GhostEvents.co.uk regarding events.

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