Paranormal Lies Told Often Enough…..

It’s such a powerful part of our lives and dictates how you view, feel and sense your reality. It is also bombarded daily by advertisers, authoritative propaganda and some news sources, who pull at you emotionally, so you agree with their stance and the future progression they visualise.

How about in the paranormal field though, is this same wonderful and vitally crucial part of our life bombarded from there too. What is it and where are we going with this…..

Your subconscious mind, the garden of your reality where beautiful flowers may bloom or weeds may be spread, but either way, whatever is planted will grow and affect you in a multitude of ways.

Do you know, that whatever is repeated to you over and over, will eventually plant itself within your subconscious mind. Regardless of whether its lies, irrational information or trivial knowledge, it will eventually take root and before you know it, you will be repeating this information without even consciously thinking about it.

Now, this applies to your whole life, you would be doing yourself a massive favour by only planting your own programs and information and rejecting incoming data, until you can personally verify it.

As someone who has extensively studied some of the greatest teachers in the world today, whom have spent their lifetime studying the mind and how we operate, I can clearly see how manipulation and false agendas are planted within us through a plethora of sources.

This is no different when it comes to the paranormal and my reason for highlighting this area, is to ensure that everyone who REALLY wants to get the truth, is aware that by running other people’s habits, out-dated information and personal hypothesises, they are missing the opportunity to experience personally what some dismiss wrongly.

You see, some people will take repeated information and rightly or wrongly in their eyes, will pass it off as fact and even become aggressive if you do not adopt their mindset. The problem is, these same people have not tested the theories themselves and are only repeating in the same way a parrot may of its owner.

Do you really want to be running with other people’s mindsets and unchallenged belief systems?

In my time in and out of the paranormal field of study, I have began to notice the above behaviour by some. I have seen ridicule applied to free-thinkers, scorn poured on spiritual practices and groups of researchers clique together and laugh at all and sundry because their ideas were not being followed.

“If you repeat a lie often enough…..”

  • Orbs are the first stage of spiritual manifestation.
  • Psychics do not exists or they would take the million dollar prize test
  • If you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out
  • EMF Detectors find ghosts
  • Personal experiences are worthless
  • Your brain was playing tricks on you, you are wrong
  • You are delusional because you question authority
  • You must Investigate in the dark
  • Science is the only way to explain paranormal activity, so it does not exist

Now these are just a very small portion of falsehoods and we truly could go further. The above has been repeated so many times that newcomers will usually believe them, not to mention, those who still peddle such information.

The only piece of advice I can give you in this very short writing this morning, is to please protect your subconscious mind and question all angles, test the theories and keep your own council till you are finished with your research.

Listen, you truly do not need to join the crowd, you need to stand out from the crowd and find the truth. This can only be done by your own thinking, feelings and actions through your own lenses and your own experiences.

Anyone ignorant enough, and I say that in the most respectful way I can, that tells you that you are wrong without so much as being with you, needs to be ignored. Funny how those two words are so similar and more reason why it needs to be employed by you.

Whatever is continuously repeated to you will plant in your mind. The same way as driving your car unconsciously, tying your shoelaces unconsciously and most of all, repeating information that you truly have no idea whether it is correct or false without self-testing.

Please remember this the next time you are faced with the same old information repeated verbatim and expected to accept it without question. My challenge to you is to take it on-board, go research and test it, then put it in the proper context.

Go into your research, observations or simple hobbyist level interest with an open-mind, flexible in ability to move position and staying true to yourself. Only take on-board information for testing purposes and never blindly follow the pack regardless of how many letters are after their name or how popular they may seem.

Wishing you the very best in your research, observation and personal interest,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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