Paranormal Documentary 2020 | In Search Of Lady Crawford

Paranormal Documentary 2020

Her apparition wanders the grounds of this spectacular gothic-style building, hidden deep within the county of Fife; It’s Lady Crawford & Her Priory…..

Paranormal Documentary 2020

We kick off our Paranormal Documentary 2020 by searching for her spirit at the areas she wanders.

Crawford Priory is a stunning Gothic Mansion that was constructed to its current style around 1809, sitting upon an earlier building that was named Crawford Lodge (1758)

These lands belonged to the Lindsay-Crawford family and would find themselves in the hands of Lady Mary Lindsay Crawford around 1808.

The priory sits around 2 miles south-west of Cupar, in Fife, and next to the village of Springfield. The older stables are completely redeveloped as stunning houses nestled within the estate.

Lady Crawford

Lady Crawford was often described as strange by some, she never married for one and she had an amazing love for animals, preferring their company to that of most people.

Some say she was highly religious, but the wonderment here is whether highly religious or highly spiritual which are rather different approaches.

Lady Crawford had a rather large menagerie of animals at Crawford Priory. She was also particularly fond of a small deer too.

There is a pet cemetery to the rear of the Priory with headstones to all her pets. She was so fond of every single pet, that her will left adequate funds to look after them all.

Her pets were, however, a little less fond of the spirits that walked Crawford Priory prior to the passing of Lady Crawford.

We have uncovered information with the help of our followers, friends and contacts with regards to the property while Lady Crawford was alive and living here.

Let’s Watch…

Paranormal Documentary 2020 | In Search Of Lady Mary Crawford

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