Paranormal Activity via Sound Waves

Echovox at MKCForget photographs with illuminated particles or film footage with dubious condensed breath – unless you can prove otherwise of course – and begin to look into the area of audio capture while attempting to collect paranormal activity on location.

Anyone who follows my work in this field knows I prefer to test and advance with the Echovox audio application, but even basic EVP techniques with any type of audio device capable of capture can be your number one friend.

Let me tell you why…..

Long gone are the days when the public sat on the sidelines looking toward scientists, researchers, or paranormal organisations for the answers when it comes to the investigation of hauntings and the afterlife.

Even just 10 years ago, paranormal organisations would be inundated with requests to join the group so people could directly experience activity on location. It would be looked at as the organisation having all the answers and some magical key to allow direct experience.

Find The TruthThose days have passed now, and with less groups around compared to the peak interest we experienced in the last decade, we are left with those with a burning desire to find the truth.

Truth, no matter how much people think so, will not be found in text books, the professors words of wisdom, or via sceptical organisations hell-bent in backing up their own rigid belief systems. It truly will not be found in a TV personalities every word, and it will not solely lay in the mainstream media vaults of wisdom either.

You want to know where it will be found?

In your own personal search, witnessed by you when you begin to open your mind and Solve The Puzzleseek it out. When the student is ready the teacher will come, and in this case the teacher is the truth which will descend upon you when you are ready to witness it.

Suspend all belief, because if you have even one doubting judgement in your mind, you may dash all chances of having that magical moment when you witness something that should have no place in the reality you were taught by a left brained society painting a certain narrative of life.

I, like everyone else out there, can not guarantee people will come into contact with an apparition or other likewise activity, but I can point you into a certain direction that may enhance the possibility.

That direction happens to be the area of sound capture, and more importantly, possible voices caught on recording devices.

Ryan O'NeillIf you ever work with me on location you will regularly hear me say that I feel solid evidence will be gained through the area of sound, frequencies, and vibrational energy when we tackle the paranormal subject of afterlife communication.

I feel we are approaching the time where we can fully understand that those who are more developed in terms of intuitive abilities and mediumistic communication, are actually tapping into informational frequencies, much like a radio picking up the radio station that has been tuned in perfectly.

I believe we can get access to the same informational frequencies via sound waves, and the manipulation of such by unseen energies that can move this data from the non-physical – where they are operating – into the physical through this mode of delivery.

Bear in mind, this is very similar to how a medium works, only we are accessing a more clairaudient area of working, rather than clairvoyant. We are also doing it via sound devices, carefully scanning, operating, and analysing certain signals that can be listened too by anyone regardless of levels of ability or belief systems.

I feel the more technology advances, the more we are able to tap into these areas by testing new techniques, and presenting them as circumstantial evidence that may just go far enough to prove the existence of another bigger picture reality that we can not see in this physical life.

To put it simply, we can gain certain amounts of communication via sound – captured Echovox HSwords & phrases – that we can analyse and present as a part of the puzzle that we hope to solve.

This is where you come in – regardless of experience – anyone can start with a simple recording device and set it up in an area with reported activity. You can go further and purchase applications such as Echovox and begin full testing and reporting of the results you gain.

All you need to start work in this area is the mindset to find the truth, the ability to create good questions you could ask into the device – remembering to leave a gap for answers – and the patience to upload the results to your PC so you can analyse the recordings.

The latter part is very important, as rarely do we hear result live, we must carefully listen back, slow down, and pay attention to the recordings when done. I promise if you do such, you will increase the results to an area of astonishment. If you skip this part, you will be left underwhelmed unfortunately.

I firmly stick by my initial assertions when I say that the breakthrough in afterlife Energiescommunication that everyone can get access to and understand, will come in the form of sound gained through some type of hypothetical manipulation of sound waves by the unseen energies that at times impact upon our world.

The excellent news is, you can be part of this by beginning to test, explore, and openly probe this exciting area in paranormal research and observational work.

What do I need!

  • Sound Recording Device
  • Echovox App – Optional
  • Questions of Relevance to Location or Personalities
  • Access to Haunted Location or Peaceful Test Area
  • Audacity or Adobe Audition – Sound Analysis Program (Free Online)
  • How To Guides – Optional
  • Open Flexible Mind & Burning Desire

Ryan O'NeillRyan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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