By | January 9, 2017

Paranormal Activity of Blackness Castle | (New) 2017 Visit

Paranormal Activity of Blackness CastleSituated on the Firth of Forth – overlooking the magnificent old & new forth crossings – Blackness Castle is a 15th century location which was constructed by the Crichtons, but annexed by James II becoming a royal residence. It played its part in history as a prison, housing some high-ranking individuals.

However, may is still be housing these individuals after death?

Who is the alleged Angry Knight, whom wanders the castle trying to scare away those he deems to be trespassing in his domain?

This would be my third visit in as many years to this stunning Historic Scotland property, this time I would wander the grounds and let you see first hand why this is a must visit or one for the bucket list.

Very short audio capture video will follow this website inclusion soon, so please do check back…..

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