Our Book Store – Scottish Paranormal, Haunted Scotland & Mysteries

Our Book Store – Scottish Paranormal & Haunted Scotland

Scottish Paranormal & Haunted ScotlandPrefer to read a good book by the published authors of Scottish Paranormal & Haunted Scotland?

Scottish Paranormal senior editor Greg Stewart has written extensively about the paranormal in Scotland, history & related topics. You can view some of his books below with many more in the works.

Ryan O’Neill of Scottish Paranormal & Haunted Scotland will join Greg as a published author this Halloween when his first book “The Unseen Worlds” will be released. Scottish Paranormal researcher Ally Reid also has a new flavour of book to be revealed soon too, it’s all go!

Scottish Paranormal have several books in the works – and to be released – for everyone who loves all things haunted locations. Keep checking back as we have a lot of reading material coming over the weeks, months and years ahead.

Scottish Paranormal & Haunted Scotland

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