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Observe Real Paranormal Activity

Real Paranormal ActivityMuch of what I am about to say will fly in the face of conventional ways to research and investigate in the paranormal field.

Actually, some will even attempt to pour scorn on my suggestions and dismiss my approach as woo-woo, delusional or not important to consider.

Please keep in mind, there is absolutely no proper way to research the paranormal and being more ‘Scientific’ does not elevate you above anyone within this field of study.

One more thing to understand at this point.

Having a plethora of the latest gadgets does not guarantee more professionalism, nor does it elevate you above others in the same field of study either.

In addition, it has little bearing on whether you experience or observe real paranormal activity

You can in all honestly start researching within the field, at this exact point, with little more than yourself and something to take notes with.

If you can add in a photographic device such as camera, camcorder or mobile phone then excellent.

The important factor is YOU, the mindset you approach with and how in touch with your senses you truly are.

Observe Real Paranormal Activity

Proper research is a subjective thing, something that scientific types may not want to hear, please bear with me though as this is vitally important.

You see, we are working in an area of non-physical energies and these energies are very subtle.

The body has the unique ability to show signs of these energies being in the vicinity through different states such as:

  • Skin Tingles
  • Goosebumps
  • Subtle Changes In Temperature
  • Emotional Responses Of Unknown Origin
  • Mental Impressions [Random Images]
  • Overwhelming Feelings [Hunches]

We really need to be in tune with our body and use this unique instrument we have been blessed with that is far greater than any electrical device, or environmental data collection device.

We have to be able to feel, sense and know that subtle energies are around us and Observe Real Paranormal Activitythus, use other external devices to record and back up the initial feelings that are present.

See, most people go for the devices first and tend to pooh-pooh their own intuitive abilities, I know as I have done likewise in the past.

Thankfully as the years have progressed, I’ve continued to grow in knowledge without fear of stepping outside the box and pushing the boundaries from the edges of the paranormal field.

I wish to impress upon you the vitally important understanding that copying or mimicking what is viewable via television programs or other “Large Organisations” is not unique – or progressive – in research or observations into the unexplained.

We should never do such!

In order to carry out further advancements within this study, we need many unique individuals to go within and do their own thinking, bringing out new techniques and possibilities that will allow us to get closer to the truth.

Real Paranormal ActivityEinstein once said:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

I would like to advance on that by saying we’re really not that much closer to solving the mysteries and really fragmented by our learned scepticism, that we need a new level of consciousness to move forward into new territory.

This new level must be open-minded, flexible and willing to take on ideas through action and personal experiences.

There’s absolutely no point in dismissing techniques – such as Intuition or a whole host of other methodologies – just because ‘so and so’ said they are woo-woo and anyway, they most likely take this approach because they do not understand the practices through lack of experience or study.

Just because others do not believe in something or understand it, doesn’t mean that it’s not a fruitful practice, or even that it existence should be questioned cynically based on lack of experience.

Approach everything as if seeing through the eyes of a child, this includes testing new The Edinburgh Vaultsthought-up techniques and really observing the location you are working within.

Never be scared to just sit quiet and really feel the atmosphere, being fully aware of the surroundings.

It need not be constant action as if a must to entertain others or yourself.

Suggested Protocols

  • Familiarise yourself with the location you are using for your observational session or investigation. Always look for hazards that may become dangerous to you or your fellow team members. Pay particular attention to noises that may later be mistaken for possible paranormal activity.
  • Gather information from the location owner or your pre-research files, pinpointing hotspots for unexplained events. You would be advised to still observe the full location, but can use the hot-spot for more in-depth observations and testing.
  • Never work in the pitch dark, apart from being highly dangerous, it’s due to dulling down some of your senses and makes absolutely no sense in the slightest. In my experience over many years, paranormal phenomena has been more evident in day light rather than in darkness.
  • No flash photography as its problematic to the ambient conditions of the location and is subject to many false positives, mistaken for ‘spirit lights’, which do not require illumination from devises.
  • Use all your senses during the session, feelings along with emotions and mental images are all equally important whether you feel you are a gifted person or not. Your own body is your number one environmental sensor, then we use tools to record and back this up.
  • Positive mental attitude is fundamental and must be in conjunction with an open-mind that is flexible. If you can not have an open-mind there’s very little chance of success, wasting your time and that of the locations owner and fellow team members.Sceptic doesn’t mean debunker, that is a massive fallacy that has grown into an almighty monster of cynicism

For far too long there’s been many people connected to the paranormal field of study who have looked down the noses at others for being different and operating differently.

They dictate what is acceptable in terms of research and what is not, they ridicule people and place pressure on people to conform to their mindset.

Ignore this ignorant attitude and carry on with your unique way of operating.

It’s always those on the fringes of society that make the breakthroughs in life, rarely does it come from the mainstream angle.

Wishing you the best of luck in your search for the truth,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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