I know I am not alone in my stance here, mainly due to correspondence over many years with my paranormal colleagues worldwide. You see, we are not only very serious about our passion that is all things paranormal, but there is non-tolerance when it comes to vandalism and criminal acts. It’s an ongoing problem at many of our historical locations and can range from trespassing to blatant vandalism.

Take for example my recent visit to Dunfermline in the Kingdom of Fife where I had the pleasure of touring the Palace & Abbey. You can imagine my utter disgust when I was met with the sign above [see photo] at a set of stairs within this excellent Historic Scotland property. They had been closed due to an act of vandalism and admittedly it took the shine of a great visit as I pondered WHY!?! I can not seem to understand fully why anyone would wish to cause such damage to a proud historic property that should have the people of Dunfermline grinning from ear to ear.

The above act I can only imagine was the result of local vandals but do not be shocked to hear that even people working in the paranormal field can be caught causing criminal acts. There have been many incidents over the years of people breaking into properties to “Ghost Hunt” and this is not on! You gain permission to get access to locations or you do not enter at all. Such behaviour can be harmful to a field that is already on the fridges according to authorities and mainstream science.  There are many cynics looking for excuses to tar everyone within the field of study, and this type of thing gives them plenty ammunition to do so.

The strangeness continues as Fox News reports earlier this month that a South Carolina man who was found in a suspected mobile meth lab reportedly told police he was ghost hunting in a cemetery. The report goes on to inform that Marvin Willis, 36, was charged by the Spartanburg Public Safety Department with manufacturing methamphetamine and all three people, according to an incident report, told the officer that they were in the cemetery hoping to see ghosts. Again I stress, this is not on and highly damaging!

I will continue to correspond with my colleagues at International Paranormal Investigators (IPI) and the plethora of friends worldwide who are completely fed up with the above behaviour. If I personally witness any acts of vandalism or unlawful access attempts here in Scotland I will not hesitate to call the police. I always ensure I have a mobile phone with me for any possible occurrence.

When you spend the amount of time we do in these fantastic locations, you become very protective over them. I want our kids to be able to enjoy these historic locations or to learn responsible behaviour by respecting people’s property.

Haunted Scotland is making it clear: Non-Tolerance!! I hope over the coming weeks and months we can also join with others in the field along with historical locations to make a strong stance against vandalism and acts of crime.


Ryan O’Neill

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