Near-death experiences exposed? Really?

Whether it’s sensationalist headlines, or the new religion of science, these people truly believe they have the mysteries all solved. I will go further and say, they wish everyone to get right back to materialism and fight each other for all manner of items, oil and natural resources.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to planet earth, the place where the killing of animals to try to prove a point, and keep people in fear, is tolerated without so much as a bat of the eyelids.

The news wires are burning on over drive, as mainstream sources clamber to tell us that we do not experience spiritual events, and its all material in nature when we experience NDE’s. How do they know this, easy, they killed rats and looked at the electrical movement in the brain…case solved then?

I think NOT….

Research suggests that far from being a brush with the afterlife, they are caused by a rush of electrical activity in the dying brain.

I suggest, I understand, my sources say, it’s our understanding or whatever other “I know nothing and using the aforementioned starter phrase” are being used, It’s utter claptrap in my opinion.

Regurgitated nonsense from a religion, oops I mean, science field who are unwilling to do some real work in looking at the paranormal.

Instead they gain funding to conduct such [research], that backs up the materialistic viewpoints thus, belief systems are stroked and we all continue to push this world into behaviour that is utterly disgusting.

Just look at the lack of concern for our fellow people (middle east) and not forgetting sentient animals that are being continuously slaughtered.

Oh how a collection of people are easily controlled, if they fear death, tell them there is no such thing as an afterlife and throw programming and propaganda at them. Consume consume consume and be our slaves.

Do not question us or our science [they are saying] or you shall be ridiculed, discredited and we will throw you into our medical establishments, where you shall be pumped full of medicine to kill off any remaining smidgen of psychic ability (that everyone has) and dissipate deep thought on reality that you may possess.

I digress, and rightly so, as the bigger picture to such nonsense, being peddled in the mainstream, has a damaging effect on the world populace. I can see James Randi, grin just now, thinking he has won some survival of the fittest war. Perish the thought!

I said on our forum boards the other day:

Right everyone, we can pack up now as Science has it solved! All those visions, all those looking down on your body episodes and knowing what is happening at other locations, as laying clinically dead, has been ‘exposed’ thanks to Rats and very intelligent left brained scientists.


Rest assured my faithful friends, the backlash to this silly press release, by those involved in the study, and the spin being placed on such, has not went down well with people across the networks I operate in.

Actually, unlike in the past, there has been a lot of laughter at the mainstream point of view, as in the news sources and not the people who follow such.

I am not ready to hang up my recording equipment, nor am I ready to get on my knees and bow down to a collection of supposedly open-minded scientists, who gain their funding from those with agendas who wish to run a certain narrative.

I have a personal agenda, truth, however unconformable it is for those who wish materialism to rule.

Many know me by now, they know I do not follow group think, and I break away to push the boundaries of our perceived reality. I might not always be correct but rest assured, I will never intentionally force BS upon the readers and researchers. They get what I discover and just have to take the medicine or ignore it.

Thus far the hypothesis is, we are spiritual beings who inhabit a physical body in this reality. All the data, information and experiences provided by people like you suggest such.

So the question now is….

Why are the establishments not researching these areas and providing the truth, would it ruin the narrative and cause revolution, as we see what we are doing to people, animals and the planet. Think hard on this…always follow the money too.

The full Daily Mail article and comments from public can be found at this link

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