My Gratitude To The Past!

As I again search and organise my personal files from the past, I am met with overwhelming gratitude for the past team members, colleagues and locations I have worked with in the past. It’s not often in life you get the chance to tell people how much you appreciated their work and dedication or inform a location of how much you really are grateful for allowing you to research with their assistance……

I am using this Inclusion to shout out to them all a big thank you for everything done, every laugh shared and even every drama encountered. There are a lot of them I miss from the Old Team, we certainly walked a great path together and undertook everything in said path. Nothing was too big and no location shied from, as we pursued a passion that was burning within, why else do we do this, the enthusiasm was bursting from us all to get the truth.

You are all appreciated and I would like to share with everyone, some of the photographs I have from past work undertaken by myself and the past team. My door is always open, email box always ready and phone free, for all those who have worked beside me in the past to get in contact, join me on my visits out around Scotland or for a good old chat about the paranormal and its many related topics.

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