Millionaire CEO has NDE

What happens when a millionaire CEO & financial guru has a near death experience? When in physical life, you have all you can dream of, successful career, with the sky being the limit in to which you can soar. Would it make the difference to how you thought about life or how you felt about your purpose?
In the following video [see below] you are going to hear the story of Gordon Allen, you will be able to see exactly how Gordon changed after having is NDE and what the overall message relayed to him meant. This is a guy with his fingertips on everything he can dream of here on earth, wanting for nothing yet miraculously he alters his life after his brush with the non-physical.

Often we hear cries of charlatan when someone shares their experiences of the non-physical, that they are in-it for the money, the fame and the fortune. Yet, we have many examples of cases where the participants have everything and in no way need such attention, actually, the attention could damage what they have already built-in their physical life.

The pseudo-sceptical bunch in such cases would move their unsubstantiated attacks to that of delusion, or they would cry out that the brain is playing tricks on the person, as if it was some childish prankster residing in our skull. They fail to realise that the grey matter is only but a transmission type device, that is helping us interpret the physical and allow us to process the data as non-physical beings, having a very much physical experience.

We can easily program our own brains, much in the way a computer can be programmed. We can also switch channels and tune into other frequencies if we so wish, by full intention and focus which can be gained by meditation and other such practices. Radios, televisions and even wireless connections for your devices can do the above, so why would anyone think that the far-superior power within our heads, that lets not forget, created these inventions, could not at the very least do the same?

Watch the video and feel free to leave any comments you wish or even constructive criticism. Please keep in mind, this is not about religions, this is about the bigger picture.

Special thanks to Jesussavesyou4000 . on Youtube for providing this video.

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