Mediumship: Why is Talking to the Dead Challenging?

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, author and director of Metaphysics Research delivers this presentation at a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (Canada) charity event.

Due to the many misconceptions about mediumship and its possibilities, it is necessary to clarify the factors that contribute to clear, accurate and free flowing communication between a psychic medium and potential clients.

The eight factors presented in the video relate to the medium, spirit (discarnates, spirit guides & master entities), and the client themselves. Once we understand that various factors contribute to the accuracy and type of information shared, there may be more realistic expectations of what can be expected “when communicating with the deceased”.

The title is just a play on words as we know that death is just a transition and those that are no longer in the “flesh” are not dead but continue to be present in “spirit.”

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