Loch Leven Castle

Is Loch Leven Castle Haunted?

 Is Loch Leven Castle Haunted Loch Leven Castle is relatively small, consisting mainly of an outer curtain wall, the tower house and another smaller tower called the “Glassin Tower”.

Probably originating as a small stone-built keep Loch Leven was a royal castle from 1257.

The English Army built a fortress there at the end of the 13th century. Slightly later The English besieged the castle in 1301, but it was saved by John Comyn before it could be captured.

Blind Harry’s story of William Wallace suggests he may have captured it and it was certainly in Scottish hands when Robert the Bruce came to the castle in 1313 and again in 1323.

After the death of King Robert, the English attempted another invasion and at one stage Loch Leven was one of only five castles in Scotland which the invaders failed to capture.

The castle was strengthened by King David II in the middle of the 14th century and he built the lofty tower house which still survives. The castle held out again against Edward Balliol and the English in 1335.

King Robert II later granted the castle to Sir Henry Douglas and the Douglases held the castle up to the 17th century.

Mary Queen of Scots was taken as a prisoner to Loch Leven in 1567. Within a month of her arrival, she miscarried twins.

 Is Loch Leven Castle HauntedShe escaped after a year on the island but following her defeat at the Battle of Langside, she fled to England hoping for support from her cousin Queen Elizabeth of England. But instead, she was imprisoned until eventually being executed in 1587.

Paranormal Activity

Loch Leven castle, is allegedly haunted by Mary, Queen of Scots, at the spot where she signed her abdication. However, the veracity of this tale is suspect, as are many of the alleged hauntings by Mary, Queen of Scots, due to the vast quantity throughout Scotland’s locations.

Looking at the rich history of this property – and the surrounding areas – It’s little surprise that a plethora of reports with regards to mysterious apparitions and ghostly energies are frequently shared.

To hypothesise, the witnessed apparitions may not be active spirits, but rather more in line  Is Loch Leven Castle Hauntedwith trapped energy from strong emotions. These in some way are embedded into the surrounding environment – at time of great grief or pain – with some type of trigger to spark them off.

What sparks off such energetic replays of the past?

I’ve long hypothesised that certain people emit strong energetic vibrations, emotions and thought frequencies that interact with surrounding trapped energy. Could this be what presses the play button on our realities mysteries?

This does not rule out the possibility of active spirit, visiting the property, and watching the coming and going of the people who spend countless hours on this small stunning island on Loch Leven.

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