Lisa Williams

I (Ryan) am very particular about recommending anyone to the public and I truly need to have my socks blown off if it’s someone who is claiming to be gifted. The reason being, we are dealing with people’s emotions and I take the subject very serious indeed. I am very open-minded but I am also cautious and use the open mind to all areas both believing or sceptical. This new section of the site, that will recommend not just Scottish, but worldwide people was set up after witnessing Lisa Williams work on Youtube. I was so blown away that I had to share her work and take on-board the extra work to provide likewise people to the public. So without further Information from me, here is the fabulous Lisa Williams…..

I have been working as a psychic Medium for many years, helping people connect from this world to the next, and also giving guidance and insight from the world of Spirit by connecting with your family members and Spirit Guides. I also have the ability to tap into your life contract to help you find your true calling and direction in life.

I love the work that I do.

I still give private readings but I also tour giving messages from beyond and teaching Spiritual Development Classes throughout the world.

Recently through my teaching I launched my own network of gifted advisors through Soul Connections and my own development school – the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development or LW-ISSD for short.

I’m very proud of the work that I do and I know that it brings a great deal of comfort and healing to those who are grieving.




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