Ledard Farm

Ledard farm’s history goes back to the 15th Century with the central buildings dating from 1604. The farm was a traditional gathering place for the Clans MacFarlane and MacGregor.

Rob Roy came of age on the farm in October 1689 a few months after fighting at the Battle of Killiecrankie.
The activity reported at Ledard Farm ceased around 2006 but on the particular occasions it shocked even the hardest of men.

The feeling of someone entering specific areas of the location along with various noises, were evident, but as quickly as they started, they soon ceased.

Our job was to try a few experiments at the location to see if we could gather any supporting evidence for the owners.

We were kindly shown around the location by Gregor, who has a wealth of knowledge about the history of the surrounding area, and of course Ledard Farm itself. We could have easily sat back listening to Gregor all day, to hear the wealth of history surrounding the location, was magnificent, it really far exceeded our historical expectations of how important a place this actually was in times gone by.

The First Session

We began in the cattle shed where we had already set up an audio device, camcorder and data logger along with constant running DVR camera.

This aids us while analysing the data and material, especially when ruling out unusual readings.

During our session in this area, we attempted both calling out for response along with quiet periods of observation. We noted that audio captures MAY be polluted with the sound of the waterfall in the distance and the various farm animals which were in full voice at times.

Nothing unusual happened in this area and to-date no unusual data has been gathered from our analysis.

The Barn

In this area of the location we set up a target experiment which consisted of various miniature bottles of alcohol, placed on marked targets. If these bottles moved, we would be able to establish this easily and further investigate possibilities.

Also in this area we had various DVR CAMS, Camcorders and audio devices set up.

Its felt this was the most interesting area of the location, due to not only its history, but in particular to very small events during our visit. It would be far to strong to label these events paranormal, we are highly reluctant to say they are even unexplained at this time as we are still deep in analysis on this one.

However, we at this time report movement in the bottles (please see attached Jpg) but urge caution to the fact that vibrations from vehicles, footsteps or even possible drafts could have seriously affected the target experiment. Further testing would need to be done at some point, to test the above possibilities and probabilities.

The other event, is an unusual sound recorded while Investigator Mark Smallman, was asking various questions aloud. It is very difficult to make out the sound which lasts for 2 seconds and resembles a sigh of much lower sound. We are still looking at this and will have to consult colleagues internationally, for their views and caveats in regards to the capture.

The Investigators also reported a sensation which felt like the bench on the right hand wall was vibrating at times.

They put it down to either themselves, or each other, when sharing the bench, but this is something that maybe can be looked at in greater depth. If only to find a true natural explanation and thus moving forward towards possible activity thereafter.

Apart from the aforementioned points of interest, we had a pleasantly quiet Investigation in this fantastic location.

Magnificent hosts, magnificent scenery and history second to none, what more can anyone ask for!

This case remains open and Haunted Scotland hopes it may be able to visit in the future, under this new set-up and way of conducting paranormal exploration and Investigation.

Please visit Gregor and the Ledard Farm team at http://www.greattimescotland.com/index.html

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