Jedburgh Jail Photograph Anomaly

Jedburgh Jail Photograph

Jedburgh JailThere are so many possibilities when it comes to photographs and anomalies that it can become quite a battlefield to understand what is natural, and what is unexplainable.

You see, not every light anomaly is paranormal, not every streak of light a manifesting apparition, blurring is user error, and even purple coloured light reflection is much more mundane, usually the suspect of a bright light source squeezing into your excellent picture.

Some photographs – out with the usual scope of the brain creating patterns from randomness – are a little harder to explain away with a more rational logical mind.

Below I have a photograph snapped in a rather active area of Jedburgh Jail.

It was taken immediately after we had conducted a successful public event, where clear activity was taking places. What you will notice is a rather strange anomaly is clearly embedded in the lower shadow part of the cell door.

The question, is this in the dark shadow area for sure or closer to the lens and reflecting from the prison block light source. After sending it to some people to look at under set filters, we are completely unsure, and swaying more towards it actually displaying in the darker shadow area.

IF it is in this area, we could be looking at something much more interesting, as it’s next to the exact spot we had used for the set-up audio experiment.

Jedburgh Jail Light Anomaly

Jedburgh Jail Picture

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