Jedburgh Castle

Region :Roxburghshire
Location : Jedburgh

Details :
Jedburgh Castle was a 12th century motte and bailey earthwork castle founded by King David I. Nothing now remains of the royal stone castle, which was occupied by both the Scottish and the English until 1409. The castle was then destroyed, to deny its use to the English.
In the 19th century a Victorian prison was built and continues to stand on the site. Jedburgh Castle Jail was finally closed in 1886 after larger prisons were built in Edinburgh and Glasgow and all prisoners transferred. Today it is a museum.

Paranormal Phenomena : A ghostly figure, wearing a mask and a black hooded cloak appeared at the castle. first seen in 1285 by King Alexander III and again before the battle of Flodden Field. This spectral harbinger is seen as an omen of death and disaster and is alleged to be seen to this day.

In 2004, Half a dozen members from the Glamorgan Paranormal Society used cameras and sound recording equipment in Jedburgh Castle Jail in the Borders, which has been converted into a museum.

Several visitors to the jail over the years have claimed they have experienced strange presences and spotted unusual shapes of light.
From the Borders today website came the following information.

investigators spent almost 10 hours in the three wings of Jedburgh jail.
And encountered endless scares.
Anne added: “One of our team went into a cell on his own and had pebbles thrown at him, it was dark but the sounds have been picked up on tape. There were lots of unexplainable flashing lights in that same cell.
“Nothing would work in another cell – our detectors were fine everywhere else but they wouldn’t work when we took them into this one room. A flashlight also switched itself off when we entered the cell and came back on again when we left – it was very eerie.
“I’m sure a lot more will come out when we thoroughly examine the tapes.
“We are all hoping to come back and carry out further tests at Jedburgh Castle Jail – it’s the scariest place I’ve ever been.”
Glamorgan Paranormal Society also recorded human whistling, doors creaking and brushing sounds against cell walls. And most of them heard footsteps slowly walking along a corridor.
Jail attendant Elliot Lewis spent a nightshift with the ghost-busters. He told us: “It was certainly an interesting evening. They set up all their equipment in the afternoon and came back to start their investigation at 9.30pm.
“They showed me some of the video footage which had strange flashes of light in some of the empty cells and there was also smoke. It was all really strange – one of the investigators was clearly terrified by what she had seen and wouldn’t go back into that cell block.”
Jedburgh Castle Jail’s three blocks of cells – one for men, one for women and children, and one for serious crimes – were built in 1823 with exercise yards surrounding them.
The prison was notorious for harsh conditions and cruelty with several executions taking place on the neighbouring gallows – the last being Thomas Wilson for the murder of a young shepherd at St Boswells Fair. It was later discovered he was innocent.
The jail closed in 1886.
Museums boss Shona Sinclair hopes the ghostly evidence will boost the jail’s visitor numbers. She said: “We currently have two of the cell blocks open to the public and a feasibility study is being carried out into opening the men’s cells as well.
“Numbers are already up this year for visitors to the jail and hopefully this publicity may add to it – although we wouldn’t want people being scared off.”
Jedburgh Castle Jail is open until the end of October.
The full investigation report will be published on www.glamorganparanormal

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