Is James Randi a Pseudo-Sceptic?

Some flock to him as if he is some type of critical-thinking saviour, much in the same way as fundamentalist religious types will swarm around statues, scriptures or the feet of their own likewise saviour.

Can we really class Mr Randi as a true sceptic though?


I mean, a real sceptic is someone who questions everything but remains open-minded, with the unique ability to shift position when more information becomes apparent to them. This flexibility ensures that truth is gained, and that real information and circumstance is not overlooked due to rigid belief systems.

That’s right, belief systems that Pseudo-Sceptics have in abundance, and contrary to their claims – that only the gullible have such –  Pseudo-Sceptics are near the top of the list for such irrational thinking and argumentative mindsets.

Right away, I think we are beginning to see which camp Randi belongs to, not an attack on him personally I must emphasise, I speak only of the public face and conducted work here.

I have done extensive reading in regards to Randi and his foundation, even coming up against a few of his forum attack dogs on various sites, ranging from paranormal claims right through to those about peaceful protest against oppressive governments. It’s a great range of topics, but for this small blog, I am speaking mostly of his alleged misinformation, as reported by various researchers, and not to mention his heavily biased Million Dollar Prize.

Usually, I would not even bother to be honest, but I feel a sense of duty to support my colleagues in the paranormal field – including the scientists – he has attacked. Let’s not forget the gifted people he has slated too.

I want people to know that there is a ton of information in the public domain, about how he operates and how he is finally being exposed.

A common sound-bite, from the attack dogs – or even those ill-informed cynics – is that there is no such thing as paranormal events.

They speculate that gifted people do not exist, as they would have taken his prize money, from the aforementioned test.

What many fail to realise and looking at the various accounts on-line  – which I will list for further reading – is that many people have applied and not been selected, and deeper inspection into the test has flagged up ridiculous conditions, rules and odds to gain the prize money, some that are far elevated over what even science requires.

Do we seriously think that this Showman – with absolutely no scientific background – was ever truly going to allow anyone to walk away with the prize money? Did you know that he has actually attacked Scientists who have properly studied all types of Psi including the testing of clairvoyants? Yes, the magician al a Illusionist – who built a career on deceiving his audience – attacks the credentials of those who have studied their fields, without the bluster.

I would like to now pass you over to a couple of videos, and links, you should read to further your study into Randi, so that you can then make up your own mind.

Hopefully through viewing these ‘other perspective’ materials, you will balance the flow of information, so you can apply that flexibility spoken about above.

Love him or hate him, he is a character and one who has made a lot of money by being a public showman and critic for many years.


The Excellent: http://www.debunkingskeptics.com/Page30.htm informs us:

  • The Myth of the Randi Challenge by the Daily Grail, points out a list of events that show how Randi keeps the challenge unwon by raising the bar to impossible and unreasonable standards, and using other dishonest sleight-of-hand tactics.
  • Psychic Challenge – An article challenging James Randi to live up to his repeated assertion that if adequate evidence of a paranormal reality could be demonstrated to him, he would be happy to acknowledge it and pay the one million dollar prize to the claimant.  Includes accounts of Randi’s shortcomings and mistakes. (You can read Randi’s response to it at:  http://www.randi.org/jr/091903.html)
  • Discussion on Jeff Rense– Michael Roll discusses radio shows where Randi was defeated and shamed in debate against qualified scientists, which didn’t reach the public, possibly due to Randi’s doing.


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