The Huntingtower Sensation!

As I stood in this area of Huntingtower Castle [photo left], I began to feel very cold. I soaked up the atmosphere, opened my mind to the possibilities and then…..I feel a sensation of icy coldness creeping up my arms, which then manifested as a pins and needles sensation.

This stayed with me for a few seconds, I then began to walk the room, asking out for any presence to walk with me.

The audio captures are a plenty from this exact session..the links are below— at Huntingtower Castle.

Huntingtower Main Information: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/huntingtower-castle/

Huntingtower Audio Session One:

Huntingtower Audio Session Two: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/ghost-voices-huntingtower-castle-2/

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