Hermitage Castle

Region :Roxburghshire
Location : Newcastleton
Details : Although a castle is known to have been on this site since at least the 13th century, the central part of the current structure, probably built under the master mason John Lewin of Durham, dates from the end of the 1300’s. Throughout the 1400’s possession of the castle was much fought over by the English and the Scots and additional fortifications were continuously built around the core until the final form of 1540. In the care of Historic Scotland.

Paranormal Phenomena : Blood curdling screams have been heard and doors refusing to lock or open have been experienced.

Of the apparitions a dwarf-like figure dressed in rags has been seen, as has a woman ‘of majestic bearing’ at an upstairs window where there is no flooring today. The shade of Alexander Ramsey is said to wander the castle after his death by starvation there in 1342

Local legend asserts that Black Lord Soulis, accused of witchcraft and Black magic and molestation of children wanders the grounds of the castle.

Near the castle is the so-called ‘drowning pool’ where people have complained of feeling invisible hands pushing them towards the water.

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