Haunted Ruthven Barracks In Pictures

Haunted Ruthven Barracks In Pictures

Haunted Ruthven Barracks?Due to its strategic position within the Highlands of Scotland, this areas has been the home of significant structures since 1229.

Starting out life as a castle owned by Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan, then replaced in 1459 by a second Castle, before finally being built into the rather impressive and allegedly Haunted Ruthven Barracks.

Here we take a look at some photographs from this location, shot in June 2015, with the purpose of allowing those who have not been to this area to feel the atmosphere, and get an insight into the location.

1. Ruthven Barracks – Strategic Position.

The location was constructed 1719 after the 1715 Jacobite rising. However, as mentioned above, the very ground was home to previous castles which were owned by the local aristocracy.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks

2. The Stables – Behind The Barracks.

To the rear of the barracks we have the shell of the stables. It’s well within sight of the Barracks which cast an impressive shadow of strength.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 2

3. The Stables – Home of The Dragoons.

The Stable block to the rear, which allowed Dragoons to patrol Wades road what is now roughly the A9. I’ve mistaken this area for a Church in the past due to its similar design and positioning.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 3

4. The Stables – Looking Towards The North

The impressive scenery behind the location looking towards the north, from within the Stables. In times gone by, many a foe would have hidden in the surrounding hills and forests waiting for the prefect time to strike.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 4

5. The Barracks – Two Blocks.

The complex comprises of two large three-storey barrack blocks occupying the two sides of the main enclosure, each block has two rooms per floor, with only the lower level accessible in its current condition.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 5

6. The Barracks – Feeling of Being Watched.

Yes it’s rather cliché, but you do feel like you are being watched while walking around the courtyard. You may get that gut feeling to turn around – as if someone is watching – or you may even get some physical activity, which is exactly what I did while here on the 27th June 2015.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 6

7. The Courtyard – Stone Throwing.

As you tour a location – gathering footage, photography & audio – you seldom contemplate that you may come face to face with physical paranormal activity. I was shocked, as I conducted an audio gathering session while in this area, a stone landed in front of me with a loud thud.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 7

8. The Courtyard – Who Threw The Stone.

Standing in the centre of the courtyard, you know for a fact that the stone could not have fallen from anywhere. There were no birds flying overhead at the time, no other visitors to the location, and very much a mystery which occurred right before my eyes.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 7

9. Ruthven Barracks – Is It Haunted.

The castle that once stood on this site – which one is unknown – was alleged to have been haunted by its notorious lord, whom was said to be trapped in some type of time-slip limbo playing cards with a dark hooded man.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 9

10. Ruthven Barracks – Stunning Historical Location.

Do the spirits of the Jacobites wander the grounds, or how about the once stationed soldiers? Can we hear the cries of those slain within perhaps, with the continuous sieges and battles of the era to blame.

Whether you are into paranormal subjects, historical Scotland, or perhaps just a lovely day out for a picnic before a wander in silence, this location is a must visit for all.

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 10

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