Haunted Hailes Castle In Pictures

Haunted Hailes Castle In Pictures.

Haunted Hailes Castle 10Nestled within the countryside of East Lothian – away from the more well-known Edinburgh haunted hot-spots – we have a stunning small location.

Many people miss Hailes Castle completely on their visit to Scotland, or underestimate its beauty along with that all too familiar mix of paranormal activity.

This may not be underground Edinburgh, or the grandeur of Glamis Castle, but make no mistake, the witness testimonies of ghostly behaviour are every bit as significant and of great interest.

The following are 8 atmospheric images from within the grounds of Hailes Castle, with a mixture of information with regards to its fine history and not forgetting the spooky tale.

1. View From Riverside.

Hailes Castle is a 14th century castle about a mile and a half south-west of East Linton, in East Lothian. The castle has a fine riverside setting.

Haunted Hailes Castle 1

2. The Kitchen Vaulted Area

Deep from within the walls of the castle various banging and moving sounds have been reported, no clear visual data accompanies these sounds as yet. Many Investigation & Research teams, along with members of the public, have commented on this phenomena.

Haunted Hailes Castle 1

3. Towards The Great Hall

The activity at this location includes the sighting of a lady in white, rumoured to be the much travelled “Mary Queen of Scots” however, not every white lady needs to be connected to this much seen historical figure.

Past family members from the castle, staff who once worked here, or local people long gone could be connected to this apparition.

Haunted Hailes Castle 3

4. Looking Out Into The Grounds.

The figure is said to graciously float through the castle and its grounds. The figure is often sighted by visitors – or locals – to the area both in the past, and even still in the present.

Haunted Hailes Castle 4

5. The Castle Entry Point.

Did you know, The de Gourlay family – who owned this castle –  supported the English during the time of the Wars of Independence. This resulted in them being stripped of their lands after the Scots won at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

Haunted Hailes Castle 5

6. Down into the Vaulted Area.

During one visit to the Castle – while accompanied by a visitor to Scotland – we heard the sound of small stones falling at the entry way to the vaulted area. We could say being thrown, but we do not know that for certain.

Evidentially, it did coincide with us telling stories about the area, the atmosphere was electric at the time, and it was very much happening in real-time. Spooky!

Haunted Hailes Castle 6

7. This Area Could Be Active.

We know that the same old story – with regards to this castle from a paranormal activity perspective – mentions the grounds and the floating lady in white, however, for me this is an area of high interest.

Knocks, bangs, footsteps, stones moving, and a captured audio voice would suggest something much more interesting in this vaulted area.

Haunted Hailes Castle 7

8. The Stunning Hailes Castle.

So, the next time you are travelling through East Lothian, take a trip down the country roads to the secluded peaceful surroundings at Hailes Castle. Remember to come back here and let us know what you have discovered.

Haunted Hailes Castle 8

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