Haunted Falkland Palace

Haunted Falkland Palace

Haunted Falkland PalaceFalkland Palace in Fife, Scotland, is a royal palace of the once Scottish Royalty. Today it’s under the stewardship of the Marquis of Bute, who delegates most of his duties to the National Trust for Scotland.

Here we have a selection of photographs from the stunning Haunted Falkland Palace…

1. Hunting Lodge For Powerful MacDuff’s.

Before Falkland Palace as we know it today was constructed, a hunting lodge existed on the site around the 12th century. The lodge was expanded around the 13th century and became a castle which was owned by the Earls of Fife – the powerful Clan MacDuff. The castle was built here in all likelihood due to the ease in defending, as it was on a slight hill. The surrounding land eventually became the Falkland Palace gardens.

Haunted Falkland Palace

2. Imprisonment of The Duke.

In 1402 Robert, Duke of Albany imprisoned his nephew and rival David, Duke of Rothesay, the eldest son of King Robert, in the Well Tower at Falkland. The incarcerated Duke eventually died there from neglect and starvation.

Haunted Falkland Palace

3. Modern Era.

In 1952, the Hereditary Keeper Major Michael Crichton Stewart decided to appoint the National Trust for Scotland to take care of the Palace. The National Trust thus became Deputy Keeper of the Palace, and they now care for and maintain the Palace and its extensive gardens.

Haunted Falkland Palace

4. The Location Haunting.

The Tapestry Gallery, within the palace, is said to be frequented by the ghost of a lady whom has been seen pacing and down, anxiously waiting for the return of her lover.

Haunted Falkland Palace

5. Staff Report #1

Sonia Ferras Mana, Head Gardener, Falkland Palace said “I am a great believer that old houses have “energy residues” or ghost. I have had two experiences at the palace. One day I was coming up the drive at dusk after a bike ride when I saw a thick, very real shadow moving on the East Range. I’m told a ghost called the “Grey Lady” walks in that area.

Haunted Falkland Palace

6. Staff Report #2

Sonia continues “The other experience was different… I was looking around a bedroom in Lord Bute’s flat, a lovely one, with fantastic ceiling decorations. I was there with a companion and we felt very “unwanted” in the room, as if we were intruders. We had a very bad feeling, like some energy was surrounding us, it was not nice, we knew we had to get out of there.”

Haunted Falkland Palace

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