Haunted Culross Abbey In Pictures

Haunted Culross Abbey In Pictures

Haunted Culross Abbey PhotographyCulross Abbey is a fine example of a former Cistercian Abbey in Culross. It was headed by the Abbot or Commendator of Culross.

It’s still used as the local parish church by the Church of Scotland.

Let’s Look at a few photographs from Haunted Culross Abbey…

1. The Foundation Of Culross Abbey.

The abbey was founded in 1217 by Malcolm I, and was first colonised by monks from the Kinloss Abbey.

Haunted Culross Abbey Photography

2. Saint Mungo of Culross.

Culross may have been chosen to establish an abbey because this was the birthplace of Saint Mungo.

Haunted Culross Abbey Photography

3. Early Pictish Site.

It is evident that the abbey was built over the earlier Pictish church – supposedly founded by Saint Serf in the 6th century – as witnessed by the presence in the ruined Cistercian church of early medieval carved stones.

Haunted Culross Abbey Photography

4. Hotbed of Paranormal Activity.

Culross is a hot bed for paranormal activity, with not only the abbey having sightings of the traditional ghostly monks, but also many reports from the village itself which is steeped in such history of black magic and witchcraft.

Haunted Culross Abbey Photography

5. Ley Tunnels & Legends.

There are reports of a ley tunnel under the location, a ley tunnel – for those who do not know – are long subterranean passages sometimes running under major obstacles such as rivers and lakes to reach their destinations.

Haunted Culross Abbey Photography

6. Connected to sightings?

Religious buildings, monks and the landed gentry are particularly common elements in many tunnel stories. As are the resulting apparitions seen in such areas, could this be the source of the monk sightings at Culross Abbey?

Haunted Culross Abbey Photography

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