Haunted Crookston Castle in Pictures

Haunted Crookston Castle

Haunted Crookston Castle 01Crookston Castle is situated in the Pollok area of south-west Glasgow, Scotland. The castle sits some 5 miles south-west of the city centre, and 3 miles east of Paisley, overlooking the Levern Water.

This is a relatively unknown Scottish location in paranormal terms, with some subjective reporting along with various paranormal team enquiries over the years.

Let’s look at some photographs from haunted Crookston Castle…..

1. Crookston Castle: Stunning Historical Position.

In 1489 the Stewart Earl of Lennox rebelled against James IV. James responded by bringing the cannon Mons Meg from Edinburgh, and bombarding the castle, virtually destroying its western end, and ensuring a quick surrender.

Haunted Crookston Castle 1

2. Approaching The Castle.

The castle has passed through several owners hands over the years, until 1757, when it was sold by William Graham, the 2nd Duke of Montrose to the Maxwells of Pollok.

Haunted Crookston Castle 2

3. Weather-Beaten Crookston Castle.

Following several years of abandonment, the castle was then partially restored by the Maxwell family in and around 1847, to honour Queen Victoria’s visit to Glasgow.

Haunted Crookston Castle 3

4. Haunted Crookston Castle – White Lady?

On researching Crookston Castle, we do not find anything to suggest firm accounts of activity are in place. However, some subjective accounts of a white lady have surfaced, with no information historically on whom this may be.

Haunted Crookston Castle 4

5. Female Ghost called Elspeth or Elspet.

Mandy Collins – Scottish editor at The Spooky Isles – reports that a paranormal group carrying out an ‘unofficial’ investigation circa 2008 claimed to have made contact with a tetchy female ghost called Elspeth or Elspet. More from Mandy HERE

Could this be the White Lady reported by others?

Haunted Crookston Castle 5

6. Looking Up: Upper Floors of Crookston Castle.

Did you know, The nearby Crookston Hotel has a fair few stories with regards to paranormal activity. One of the owners has reported tables being tipped over, and glasses moving on their own on a near-on weekly basis.

So the area is no stranger to activity of a paranormal kind.

Haunted Crookston Castle 6

7. The World Passing By Crookston Castle.

The property in its current form is very much well maintained, accessed free by all visitors, and one of the finer examples of architecture from this era.

Overlooking Crookston, a residential suburb on the south-western edge of the city of Glasgow, Scotland. This location is open for visits, there is no charge to do so, and please remember to come back and tell us what you discover.

Haunted Crookston Castle 7

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