Hailes Castle

3 thoughts on “Hailes Castle

  1. hope to be investigating hailes castle on the 29th sept
    but not contacted historic scotland ,would they need informing seeing its a free location ? and who do you contact ?

  2. Hey Tony, If you go onto Historic Scotland and check out the times that Hailes Castle is open and abide by these, you can visit with no problem at all. Historic Scotland will not actively promote any of their properties as being haunted and would look at any request made out-with opening times on a case by case basis. I once had a contact at Historic Scotland named Sarah but she is no longer working there so you would have to track down the relevant department. Hope you enjoy Hailes Castle, its a stunning looking place indeed!! Take care


  3. i have been a few times ryan but never contacted them
    but i have emailed them now,it is a good place

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