The Growth of Haunted Scotland

Due to the growth of Haunted Scotland, with great interest shown in the historical locations with a paranormal twist – along with the vast collection of material for presentation to the public – work has started in order to upgrade, and categorise the locations we have visited.

During this time, we will be adding features such as click-able maps for ease of information gathering whether a member of the public, or fellow researcher.

In addition, better presentation techniques to allow you to follow the trail of work, with greater ease, will be adopted.

As you can imagine, due to vast amounts of material on the Haunted Scotland database, this may take some time to complete, but we do not envision any access problems in this time.

I appeal for assistance from all visitors, followers of Haunted Scotland’s research, and friends/colleagues from within the field, in continuing to leave suggestions for locations that you would love to see featured here on the website, and throughout our social media platforms.

Haunted Scotland Probes Both Historical Haunts and Local Tales

It is our purpose here at Haunted Scotland, to create an online accessible resource site that promotes Scotland, and her locations, and a continuing progression in raising awareness into the subject of spirituality (non-religious) and the probabilities of life after death.

This is achieved by looking at the Haunted History of Scotland, while also gathering material – and data – to be used as circumstantial evidence in support of the topic.

We thrive on interactivity with the public, and thus, require people to send in their suggestions, ideas and constructive criticisms.

If enough people also desire it, the possibility of inviting readers of this site to join us on small quiet locations, helping out with audio work, material gathering, and going within to relay how they feel in these locations, may be an option in the future.

Any such invites will require the member to help out, and not just observe as required on many event type sessions. I have long used the practice of involving the public fully, and getting people involved in the work from a practical worthwhile angle.

There is no performance in real research such as this, you roll up your sleeves and get stuck into it as they say.

If you are a location owner or coordinator, and would like to have your location included here at Haunted Scotland – including a visit to gather material – please get in contact with us, and we can proceed at the most convenient time possible.

For all suggestions, requests or any other need to contact us here at Haunted Scotland, please use the form below….

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