Greyfriars Squirrel

They say that animals are more in tune with any possible paranormal occurrences that transpire in the environment. One such instance, which is an off-shoot from the sessions we carried out at Greyfriars, was the rather peculiar case of a screaming squirrel, or at least one which seemed to be in a bit of distress.

As we made out way to the Tomb area, a small squirrel bolted from inside one of the adjoining open vaults. Vaults are found mainly on the south edge of the graveyard and in the “Covenanters’ Prison”. These either have solid stone walls or iron railings and were created as a deterrent to grave robbing, which had become a problem in the eighteenth century.

Many of these are now open and one such, was the witness to some intrigue, as the little furry animal bolted from within and along the tree branch, where he sat for a good 30 minute or so, calling out as if in some type of fear.

No one was near this area, no animals were around that could be seen, and to me, it was rather strange behaviour. One I brought to the attention of my fellow visitor Bryan.

Throughout one of my recordings you can clearly hear the Squirrel.

The Wild About Britain website has a quote form someone which reads: “Normally when I hear this sound it is because they are agitated. If they spot for example a cat or fox they will sit up making this sound as well as the tail moving.” Posted by aeshna5

So what could have agitated the little furry animal, was it a cat that we did not see or could it be something much more above the normal.

We will never know!!

If you know of any stories which are similar or can inform on possibilities, please do let us know!

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