Greyfriars in Perth, Scotland.

Greyfriars Burial Ground was established in 1580 when the kirkyard of St John’s Kirk ran out of space for more graves. The site was chosen due to its long-established religious tradition.

A Franciscan Friary was founded here in 1496 you see, which was the boundaries of Perth. The friary was completely destroyed at the start of the Reformation due to rioting following a very passionate sermon given by John Knox.

With such history, and destruction, is it any surprise that we now see more and more paranormal experiences surfacing from here.

Let us not forgot, some old grave stones have been relocated, disturbing them from their original position, to give them shelter and protection from the elements.

Could this have caused energies to manifest, such as shadow’s seen walking between the grave stones. How about the reluctance – from people – to go near the newly placed stones.

What will we uncover through audio experimentation, spiritual impressions and future visits for data gathering.

Please check back for these video updates that will follow this one!

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