Greyfriars Burial Ground – Energies Stirring.

I have often said – hypothesised through my own observations and research – that as soon as you start conducting any type of renovation work, which can include rehousing of old structures – or items for that matter – then you could begin to see the manifestation of paranormal activity.

I even spoke briefly with a lovely person yesterday, who asked for some advice, and quickly it became apparent that the family were in the process of renovating which sparked parts of the activity they were experiencing.

I will not go any further in that case due to confidentiality and respect, but instead, lets look at Greyfriars Burial Ground as a good example.

First off, this is easy to confuse with the notorious Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, with its world-famous activity from within the Covenanter’s prison area. This specific one I speak of here is based in the City of Perth.

In 2001, 13 head stones were moved under a specially erected shelter, towards the south-side of the burial ground. They include some really early stones, some dating to 1580 with a couple of them dating in around the 1600’s too.

Could the very act of moving these – to offer protection from the elements – have stirred up some unseen energies? I suggest that it is highly probable, and we can only but monitor the situation to see if more reports begin surfacing.

In the mean time, I continue to analyse some audio recordings taken from both the general area of the burial ground, and specifically, the area of the relocated stones, which I have to say are stunning, and well cared for by those who sanctioned the work.

Why energies stir up under these circumstances is a complete unknown, with many hypothesised possibilities by a plethora of very able researchers, Investigators, and those with a keen interest in this area.

Even the very act of moving house, decorating, or having a spring clean out can be seen to cause a slight stir up of unseen energies and the resulting physical symptoms. This is an area I will go into more in future specific articles, showing also the evidence and examples of this phenomena.

Till then, you can view the introduction video to Greyfriars Burial Ground, in Perth at http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/greyfriars-perth-scotland/

Are we about to see the emergence of another paranormal hot-spot, but this time in the City of Perth?

Stay tuned for more updates!

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
Contact Ryan: Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk

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