Glamis Castle

Region : Angus
Location : five miles west of Forfar
Details : a considerable stone and brick structure with turrets, battlements, towers and numerous rooms, suites and galleries. History: Glamis Castle is the historic seat of the Bowes-Lyons family, the lands presented to them by Robert the Bruce in 1372. The Bowes-Lyon family still owns the castle as the Earls of Strathmore. The main keep of the castle dates from the 14th Century, with the towers and turrets added in recent years.

Paranormal Phenomena : A “tongue-less woman” has been seen racing across the grounds at midnight, tearing at her mouth. Other reports tell of screams, banging noises and doors that refuse to stay closed, even after being bolted and hammered shut.

the Grey Lady prowls the chapel and generally serves as a distraction for visitors her appariton is also said to appear above the clock tower. Her presence, has been seen or felt by a number of visitors spanning three centuries. She has long been believed to be Lady Janet Douglas, burned at the stake as a witch on Castle Hill near Edinburgh in 1537.

Perhaps it is the same female ghost who wanders the grounds and looks out forlornly from the barred windows, perhaps it is othrs. She has appeared to servants and visitors pointing to her mutilated face.

The young black boy been seen sitting in an old stone seat by the door of the Queen’s bedroom, the appearances seem to be at least two hundred years in duration.

Old Hamish is blamed for loud footsteps that have been heard reverberating and echoing off the walls for some time. It is in the winter months, he can be heard grumbling and screaming through the castle. Hamish had been seen several times and once photographed in full Scottish regalia. Distant Scottish music is said to signal the appearance of his spectral funeral procession, six dark figures carrying a blackened coffin across the grounds. Hamish Rue Glamis, the ninth Laird of Glamis, was executed for treason after being betrayed by a member of the Ruthven Family.

The hideous presence in the castle moat might be Watery Angus. First seen in 1843, he likes to float atop the water covered in decaying vegetable matter and try to grab and pull down anyone foolish enough to notice him.

Perhaps the most resounding piece of folklore that crops up is the story of a secret room in the castle harboring a dreadful secret. At one time, a towel is said to have been hung from every window in the castle, but from the outside, a window without a towel was observed and suggested a hidden room in the castle. Rumors are that it was built to conceal the first son of the Eleventh Earl who had been born horribly deformed. The malformed young man was hidden away and kept a secret from a second son who was born normal. The secret of the hidden room was passed down to each heir on his twenty-first birthday until it was forgotten altogether.

Another version is that the room concealed card players and revelers including Earl Beardie, Lord Crawford, from nearby Finavon Castle and members of the Ogilvys hiding from the Lindsay family. Beardie was a cruel and indulgent man and one night after a heavy drinking session with the Earl of Glamis, he began shouting for a partner to play him a game of cards. As it was the Sabbath, no one wanted to playing until a dark figure in black rose up to be his partner. The two retired to a room in the castle, slammed the door shut and starting playing as the castle rocked from their swearing and shouting. A servant trying to sneak a peek through the keyhole was struck blind. Earl Beardie was found the next morning dead, possibly losing his soul in the game, and the room was sealed up to contain the unholy transaction.

A recent legend tells of a workman hired to make renovations to the castle, but he accidentally broke through a wall and revealed a passage to the hidden room. He was paid off royally to keep his silence and leave the country. The wall was sealed and the room once more conveniently forgotten.

Beardie’s ghost is supposed to roam the castle; children often notice him as he leans over their beds. Lady Elphinstone, sister of the Queen Mother, was very frightened as a young girl when she awoke one morning and saw him hovering over her bed.

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