Ghost Voices: Steve Huff, Creating Light for Spirits.

The following is from Steve Huff’s Youtube Channel, as I continue to follow his work and leading edge research into Ghost Voices.

Steve Says….

“So here we are again with another video, and if you have been following our progress over the last couple of years you will know that the last few weeks have been crazy for in, my abilities to reach out to spirits has increased dramatically. They come to me, I feel them, I see them, I hear them and I record and document this so there is legit evidence of what is going on.

We have over 105 videos now and they keep getting better and better.

This time I start to finally attempt to create light for the spirits. The white light. To help them cross and to bring Angels down to help them.

I have been working on this for a while and this is the 1st attempt ever, and we recorded it as it happened.

What you will see and hear is pretty incredible, and as always I recommend headphones and a quiet room.

Please note that the spirit box used has no antenna, and there were no radio stations where we were at. In fact, the radio could not even tune in a station, just picked up static.

The voices coming in are just that, voices and responses – direct responses to our questions. Some are from the spirits, the lost souls and a few are direct from Angels.

They reference ArcAngel David and ask for me to call down ArcAngel Michael.

When we start the session in the Tomb, it starts with “ITS OPEN”! and when I say we have to go, they acknowledge this and after they do that, they say “CLOSING” and you will hear angels ay “and we will help protect them”.

Then an orb is seen flying from the box as an EVP that comes in saying “MOVING”.

Made me cry. I was exhausted. It was incredible.

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