Ghost Voices: Loch Leven Castle

Loch Leven castle, is allegedly haunted by Mary, Queen of Scots, at the spot where she signed her abdication. However, the veracity of this tale is suspect, as are many of the alleged hauntings by Mary, Queen of Scots, due to the vast quantity throughout Scotland’s locations.

This video includes possible captures via the Echovox Android Application created by Big Beard Studios. All videos are put out, as is, and make no claims of proof. There are only two areas you get proof, the first is from Mathematics, when you show your workings, and the second is from Alcohol and the percentage within the bottle.

Science deals with evidence and no absolutes. Please keep this in mind!

Only pseudo-sceptics ask for proof, due to their limited knowledge of the scientific model and how science really works, not to forget their predetermined mindset that is akin to fundamentalist religious beliefs…only on the opposite polarity

Location Visit: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/loch-leven-castle-2/
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