Ghost “Kitty”

My husband & I moved into our rental home February 2004. Here in Edinburgh you can just about know by the look of your building how old your place is and we are in a home a bit over 100 years old, thing is, how many people have lived here and how many pets lived here as well. I am very interested in the places that I have lived here in Edinburgh, but so far this place is the most comfortable and home like feeling flat we have lived in. I told my husband when we viewed the place it felt as if someone was in the kitchen watching me and it was not a bad feeling at all… just a wonder like feeling…

Well, we have two boy cats and they seem normal indoor pets although at times they go a bit scatter brained bouncing, fussing, fighting, lunging & tumble rolling around the house with one another. Until we noticed there was a difference when we moved here with the two cat, they started jumping out of full sleep or when they were just lying on the floor as if something pinched their backside and then they started watching something together although we could not see what they were looking at.

Before Christmas 2004, my husband & I were talking about going to the states for holidays. The cats all night had been running round doing their usual tumble rumbles and then stopped, turned and looked at something in the same spot near the bedroom window corner area, down near the floor. They had been doing this often before so we kept saying they must be seeing something because their heads would go to the same angles or pivot as if they had owl heads, round & round if you will.

We kept joking that it must be a “ghost kitty” until one night we heard a growl like noise from the area they were staring at, the cats jumped down off the bed and ran to the same spot they had been watching.

A few months later and the cats were doing the same things, getting nipped by something not there, looking round at objects not there and just normal behaviour. One night they were being spooked and seemed very nervous, but as for me loving paranormal things I just played along and kept talking to all “3” cats.

I was in the kitchen washing dishes & to the side, thought I seen my husbands fluffy cat walk past, then realized the cat was grey my husbands is white with different coloured spots. I told my husband right off & he believed me. A few weeks later, the same thing happened, the two of them spooked & nervous!, my husband was out with friends, I was washing dishes & in the corner of my eye I thought I seen his cat running in circles. Split second glancing I seen the GREY cat again but it bolted into the bedroom from the hall. I have in the past realized if I see something I shut my eyes to keep the mental picture better & the “ghost kitty” bless little creature did not have a head that I could see.

A couple weeks later (last month) my husband was going out with one of his friends & he was getting ready with his friend in the living room & me in the bedroom. I went towards the front room from our bedroom as my husband was going round the hall corner saying, “Ves (his cats name), where are you going?“… my husband bolted into the living room pointing backwards towards the hall exclaiming, “I seen that ‘GHOST KITTY’! I thought it was VES & it Disappeared before I could see it go toward the door!

It is not a scary feeling in the house at all, I just envy my two cats, mind you they only get spooked every once in a while, so I figure they just see the cat now & then.

As for anything else in the house?… I have not a clue


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