Ghost Fest -Edinburgh Vaults (Archives)

The evening of Monday 16th May marked the start of Ghost fest for our Team, the original Investigation Organisation of Mary Kings Ghost Fest.

The team arrived at the Blair Street Vaults at approximately 18.00, giving plenty of time to set up equipment and prepare for the evening ahead. The mood of the team was one of nervousness and apprehension. This was the first investigation that SP had conducted with members of the public present and it was very much preying on the team members minds.

As the team had visited the location previously, there was no real need to carry out the normal “base line tests”. Instead the team medium, Fiona and team sensitive Rachel conducted some spiritual protection work. This was not just for the benefit of the team members but on behalf of the public who were coming along aswell. This protection work is done in order to protect everyone who is taking part in the investigation from any unwanted contact from a spirit.
19.00 soon arrived and with it came an excited public. Twenty eighty in total turned out and now the team could not wait to get started.

Rachel opened proceedings with a short welcome and introductory speech. The twenty eight were divided into two equal groups of fourteen. One investigating with the Main Team (which is the focus of this report) and the other group were to investigate with the West Team, which I was not part of, therefore can not report on their findings.

The Vaults have four main areas that were to be investigated. The Main Team proceeded straight into the first area, just off the main assembly point. Fiona and Rachel then gathered the group to form a circle in the centre of the room. Whilst in this circle, the group were to experiment in “calling out”. This is where the group stand in silence, while either Fiona or Rachel literally call out to ask if there is a spirit present. While this was going on, Ryan (Team Founder and Gaffer) was taking one member of the public out of the circle at a time to quickly participate in another experiment. Ryan would ask the guest to walk down the dark, back corridor with an EMF meter to see if they picked up any unusual readings. All through this part of the experiment there were several guests who picked up significant readings, all away from major power sources or other pieces of equipment. One camara also stopped working due to a flat battery during this experiment.

Back in the circle, Fiona “picked up” on the spirit of a teenager, thought to be in his late teens. The name she got for this character was Danny. Stuart (Technician) was filming the whole process and caught a light anomaly, which moved from the centre of the circle out toward the camera. Rachel also reported feeling a tickling sensation on the back of her hand and picked on on a name – David Ambrose, but said she was unsure where this name had come from. One of the guests also felt a touching sensation on their neck but no EMF or temperature fluctuations were found.

After twenty minutes the group moved onto the second area of investigation. This room was known as The Cobbler’s Room. It is said that the two far corners of the room are haunted. One corner by a Cobbler and the other by a pregnant woman. A circle was again formed and guests were extracted from it, two at a time to stand in the pre-mentioned corners, one in each. While the guests stood in these corners, Ryan and Rachel measured temperature and the electro-magnetic field. Although there were no major EMF fluctuations, Rachel recorded a spectacular drop of temperatue in the corner where the ghost of the pregnant woman is said to terrorise people (especially women and girls) who stand there. The temperature dropped from a steady 9.7 degrees C to a quite chilling 2.7. This amazing reading seemed to take over all proceedings in this area and there was no calling out done by the group. And so the team moved onto the third section of the investigation.

In the Wine Celler, the group again participated in calling out. Fiona picked on a spirit called Peter. unfortunately, no second name was given. She said that he was an elderly petty criminal. There was also said to be the presence of a little boy named Jack. He is known in the Vaults for throwing stones in this particular location. Fiona said that he does this more out of boredom than mischief, as was previously thought. Tests for temperature and EMF fluctuations were again carried out but no significant results were found, although Stuart did again, capture a light anomaly on camera.

The group moved onto the final section of the investigation, which revolved around two rooms and a corridor. The group were taken into the first room, a small oppressive room. On the team’s previous visit, both Fiona and Rachel reported actually hearing the bark of a dog that is said to haunt this area of the vault. Fiona again heard this. The group again formed a circle in this room and were again, taken two at a time down the corridor a little into another room – the famous room where Mr Boots is thought to haunt. While guests were in Mr Boots’ room, small EMF fluctuations were picked up along with a feeling of coldness. This feeling was not backed up by the temperature guage however. One guest felt a static sensation, which was followed by a spell of dizzyness and a claim to being blown in the eye. He requested to leave the room and was taken to rest and get some water.

As in the previous visit, Fiona was again confronted by Mr Boots pacing the room and again he frightened her by coming face to face with her, which she was clearly uncomfortable with. Again though no “physical” evidence was there to suggest a haunted presence.

By now the teams time was up. It was approaching 21.30 and the evening’s investigation was over. The gathered public certainly seemed to enjoy themselves and were very positive in what they had to say on the evenings events. The members of the team were all very tired, yet a quiet relief and a sence of gratefulness seemed to preside over them. It is my opinion that they were all glad that things had gone well and SP’s entrance onto the public stage had been an emphatic one.

Special Thanks to Mike, Rachel, Fiona, Stuart and the rest of the original team whom were excellent Investigators and a fun bunch of people to work with.

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