Ghost Activity: The Mercure Perth Hotel

We have all heard of the hauntings in Edinburgh and we also know and attend many events in places such as Inveraray, Glasgow, Jedburgh and Aberdeen, but rarely do we hear much from the City of Perth, in terms of opportunities to seek out possible hauntings.

Well, that is about to change and my advice is to be fast as this one will not last long….

The Mercure Hotel is one of the most unique locations in Perth, set in a 15th century watermill, you can still watch the water trickling through the original water wheel from the garden, reception area and Lounge Bar.

To my paranormally active mind – and personal hypothesis – this is the first point of interest when it comes to unseen energies and possible manifestations. I have long proposed that the medium of running water and the natural energies from such, may in fact aid paranormal activity.

As you will see if you join us at this location, running water is a main feature going under your feet – and viewable to all – and I can not help but wonder if this is what creates the activity at this never been investigated location in the heart of Perth.

So what paranormal activity do we have occurring in this location?

Ghostly manifestations have been seen walking down the stairs towards the reception area, even asked if it wanted a cup of coffee by an unsuspecting receptionist many years ago, to which it answered, and then faded into the ether.

The upper level which is a stunning area with original looking beams – and items of note that would look comfortable in the old 15th Century mill – is said to have an atmosphere of intrigue, and as if some unseen energy is quietly watching.

Are these spirits related to the old mill, or is the area in general susceptible to manifestation due to the aforementioned natural energy of the water and area at large?

This is what we will try to find out the 25th of October 2014, when an old friend and absolutely amazing researcher, Barry Fitzgerald – known for his appearances as lead Investigator of the Ghost Hunters International team on Scyfy – hooks up with us in the city hotel with members of the public.

Speaking of such, do you have your ticket to join us?

If not, I highly advise you move fast to secure it NOW. At only £20 per ticket, you will never again gain this opportunity to Investigate not only this location, but get the chance to share an event with Barry at such an affordable price. Lynne Knight has kept the people in mind while pricing this event, and she must be absolutely praised for such.

Getting back to the location, I will be conducting more Echovox audio sessions – which are proving highly successful – as we attempt to verify not only the captures, but the excellent information supplied by Bryan Boyle, Mystic and Esoteric teacher who accompanies me to may locations throughout Scotland.

We will look for coherent information, audio captures with relevance, or even information related to a member of the public, which does happen on occasion.

In addition, I will update this article with any possible audio work I can do before the event itself. It would be great to have something to work from, then giving us a good base to build upon during the 25th of October event.

If you already have your ticket, I look forward to seeing you there – and get those questions for Echovox ready – and if you are not booked….do it now! This event will book out soon, and I would love our Haunted Scotland readers to join us for some action.

Of course, this website will have the full results of the night post-festival for our oversees readers, and those who are unable to get involved.

Please check back for updates in the future,

Email Lynne Knight for your ticket – Click Here

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
Contact Ryan: Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk

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