Follow Your Purpose

The title today is rather a weird one for a website with regards to the paranormal don’t you think and I see a few looking on thinking, where is he going with this today. In all honestly at this exact point I have no outline, I’m going with the flow here but do not stress, I have a few things to add in relation to the genre of the paranormal.

Yesterday we spoke about TV Investigators and the difference between what I term real research compared to working with a production company on site. We spoke about how much respect I have for these hard-working Investigators and why it’s rather funny to see people who do not know them, bash them from behind a screen due to a multitude of personal reasons…Jealousy will be one of those I can ensure.

Today I would like to talk about purpose.

Too many people get into the field by following someone elses purpose and desires in life. They see others working every weekend on location, on TV or read books and decide to “Give it a go” most likely proclaiming they could do it better. Maybe they could, but are they following their own dreams, purpose and deep desires is the question?

You see, in order to work effectively within this field, you need to have a strong desire to do so. It truly needs to be something you love that will pull you out the bed in the morning with no reward of pay. You can not just “Give it a go” as you will not last beyond a set period of time and you will not put the work in to get things done.

People look at what I have achieved in the past and say I am lucky to have had such opportunities. I reject this luck thing, I worked my ass off to create the opportunities that I was presented by dedicating chucks of my life to the work. I am fully of gratitude for the contacts, opportunities and friendships but that is different from just being lucky. Far surpassed where others were willing to go was in the forefront of my mind, this was fuelled by passion and deep desire.

Ask yourself:

  • Does It Pull Me Out My Bed?
  • Does It Excite Me?
  • Do You Feel Motivated?

If you answered a resounding YES! to the above, then you have found your passion and you could almost certainly add more to my very short precise list.

Where am I going with this?

Well, it truly does upset me to see so many people drop out of the field. Good groups who fold due to the founder or key members following the wrong purpose or having expectations that although easily overcome by purpose followers, will stop those with other intentions in their tracks.

So what is your true purpose in life? What from above gets you excited and inspired?

Have you actually thought about it and do you feel you are following it while working in the paranormal field.

Listen, your true purpose in life will always find a way of dragging you back to it in some way, shape or form. It will always be in the back of your mind, waiting on the opportunity to rekindle the fire within, then BANG you will be back doing the tasks and loving it.

I attempted to leave the field twice to pursue other avenues, and time and time again I am drawn back in as it is my purpose. It’s what I love to do, it’s what I am good at and I have a passion for it.

  • To Inspire
  • To Investigate
  • To Share
  • To Motivate

Are but a few things that come to mind when I think about my own deep desires.

Have a think, go within and see where you are at……is it in the field here or is it in another creative genre? Follow your bliss and not the masses expectations!!

Till Later

Ryan x

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