First Echovox Session Brings Surprising Results!

During a visit to Maduff’s Castle in East Wemyss, in Fife, I finally got the opportunity to test out the new Echovox application (Android App). I have to say, I am rather surprised by this short session and a few pieces of audio that have become very evident in the analysis review thus far…..


I am very aware of the scepticism being shown by some quarters, in regards to applications and audio devices that do sweeps, in particular, anything providing real-time audio. This has not deterred me in my testing, I prefer to do my own work in real-time and compile results I can trust, rather than listening to theories from others over the net.

So far, I am glad I have done so, as this evening I am left scratching my head.

How can this application provide audio in a Scottish accent, mentioning a Scottish city while the creator ensures that no such audio is within the App. The creator (Danny) is also based in the United States and thus the App was also constructed there.

As mentioned previously, I will go on and use this App at all locations with a dedicated slot over the next 12/18 months at least. I utterly refuse, to act like some of my peers, slating such inventions by my fellow colleagues in the field, without so much as picking one up and extensively testing it. This shows an attitude of ignorance and mob mentality and I for one wish no part in such.

I seek answers, the truth of the afterlife and paranormal events and I plan on using all tools at my disposal to do so. The motto “Without Fear Nor Favour” rings in my ears this morning as I push on in my journey here at Haunted Scotland.

I would like to thank Danny of Big Bear Studios for his time and patience in answering a few of my questions yesterday, this helped immensely in classifying the audio I captured at the Castle.

Here is a very small portion of audio that has been analysed from yesterday, Christopher Huff at this moment is helping massively by analysing the rest for me, I am hearing on the grape-vine that more is becoming clear from it, this will be added later if significant enough.

Till then, please enjoy this very short video……

Kindest Blessings,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration

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