Finavon Castle

Region : Angus
Location : Forfar
Details : the original 14th century castle is ruinous, however in 1856 a new castle was constructed nearby. It is the ruin which has the paranormal phenomena associated.

Paranormal Phenomena : The most enduring apparitions at this castle would appear to be a White Lady and a Blue Lady.

A White Lady haunts the dungeons area, St Margaret’s Tower and the ramparts, seen as recently as 1987 beckoning. Local legend assets that this is Margaret Pomeroy, who was imprisoned in the dungeons by her sister Eleanor and starved to death.

A Blue Lady, widely regarded as a harbinger to the Seymour family, wanders the ruin : In folklore she was raped by her father, who then strangled the resulting child in one of the upper rooms.

A local Legend tells of two brothers besieged at the castle, who, dressed in full armour, mounted their horses and rode off the top of the castle ramparts rather than face capture and death. The area has been termed since as the Pomeroy’s leap, and is alleged to reverberate with screams and dull thuds.

In addition strange lights have been witnessed, voices have been heard, and there have been reported cold spots and freak winds, although the latter is always possible in an open ruin.

Other apparitions reported include a lady in a grey dress, a Cavalier type figure, and strange shadows. Many visitors to the ruin have reported a feeling of unease.

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