[Experience] Activity When Not Searching

The HouseBetween the years of 2010 & 2012, I took a little break from paranormal research and Investigation. I had a fair few other topics I was heavily searching into which I felt were so much larger than the continued searching for spirit on location.

These topics ranged from historical information about the afterlife, right through to modern-day spirituality, mind affecting matter, and a whole host of bigger picture topics on the nature of reality. Basically, I truly wanted answers to who we were, why we were here, and what it was all about.

It was in this time frame that two incidents would happen to me, directly, in my new home that I had moved to the previous year.

I laughed at the circumstances of it all, having stepped out of the field of paranormal research then to have such a direct experience of the paranormal when I was not trying too.

Daily I would make such great discoveries about the nature of reality, and how this world really works. Teacher after teacher was studied, some spiritual practices were adopted, and my whole perception of the world shifted greatly. All very positive stuff that still exists today.

It was at this time that I would wake up early to get a great start on the day – I’m a carer for my wife too and this was perfect for personal time before my working day began – and in this early morning moment, I would think about my day time study into the mysteries above and beyond afterlife research.

Mirror WardrobeOne morning something was to happen that would startle me slightly, and bring back my old investigative habits…..

As I lay in bed, thinking about the great minds I would be searching that day for hints of knowledge on the nature of reality, I noticed something peculiar in the mirrored wardrobe in the bedroom.

The tie back for holding the curtains when opened, was swinging with purpose back and forth in a very unrealistic fashion. I lay watching this in amazement, then jumped around to face it as it stopped!

I paused for a brief second before jumping out of bed and towards the tie back in question. I then began to try to recreate the movement, thinking wind from the window, heat from the radiator or vibrations of some sort.

As much as I tried to recreate the situation logically – and with rationality – I could not do so, then it dawned on me that I had just witnessed some type of unique experience.

Was it linked to my daily thoughts, was it a visiting spirit, or an active energy in the home? I know one thing, it was not a natural occurrence as for the movement to transpire, would need the tie back to be held out from the wall and then swung in the fashion I had observed, otherwise it would hit the window sill.

House StairwaysThe second occurrence was just as baffling, and had the effect of my vastly disappearing hair follicles standing on edge.

As my wife and I were in the kitchen – preparing some food for my 4 kids – I asked the kids to remain in their rooms and not the living room area, for fear of their constant bickering over TV remote controls and general chaos they can cause at times.

They were all playing on various consoles and Internet devices in their own areas, and I wished the peace to stay in the healthy state It was experiencing at that time.

As I stood near the kitchen door, I could look up the first set of stairs towards the living room level, and to my surprise I saw the shadow and back/legs of a kid running into the living room with a hop and skip.

Upset at being ignored on my previous request, I began to march up the stairs as I ranted about doing as you are told while we prepare the food. I walked into the living room looking for the culprit while still engaged in my telling off rant, but to only find no one there.

It was at this moment I got a cold shiver down my spine, the hair on my neck stood up, and I felt as if something had just happened in an otherworldly kind of way.

I shouted on the kids to see where they all were, everyone was up stairs, and the mysterious child shadow had completely vanished.

All this while out of the field and studying spirituality and the nature of reality.

Were the spirits of the non-physical having a good old chuckle at me, or was this deeper experiences to show me that everything is not how we perceive it to be in reality.

I will leave the conclusions resting with the reader.

Reality is so much more stranger than fiction!!

Take Care Everyone,

Ryan O'NeillRyan O’Neill
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