Elcho Castle

Region : Perth
Location : Elcho
Details : nothing remains of an earlier castle and the present building dates back to about 1570. the main structure is of a massive tower house plus an outer courtyard and ranges of buildings to the south ; unfortunately only fragmentary remains of which survive. In 1830 the Eighth Earl of Wemyss re-roofed the tower house and pulled down most of the buildings in the outer courtyard. In 1929, the Eleventh Earl placed the castle in the care of the State, and it is today in the custody of Historic Scotland.

Paranormal Phenomena :
Elcho Castle was Investigated by Ryan O’Neill back in 2005 along with members of the old Scottish Paranormal team. This was one of the first locations visited and it yielded good material and was a stunning location but paranormal activity was non-existent at that time. Ryan did come away with a rather nasty scratch on his forearm but it was decided at the time that it may have been caused by his clothing, although it was hard to get a definite conclusion. Please check back for more material on this location….it shall be added before the end of winter 2012.

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