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Eventually, we have two things to be thankful of here at Haunted Scotland. Firstly, the skies have cleared up to let through the spring sunshine (2013), melting away the long-past its welcome snow.

Then we have the fabulous news that Elcho Castle has opened its doors for the new season. I missed out in 2012 due to a mistimed visit that coincided with the close-down for the winter.

Eagerly waiting on this day for six months, I charged the equipment, packed up the car and was insistent that my wife and kids came along for the beautiful scenery of Kinross & Perthshire.

I suppose the connection to this location – and why it is close to my heart – is due to it being one of the first major places that I Investigated back in 2005, with the conception of my first organisation Scottish Paranormal.

I still fondly remember the times we had back in those early days of paranormal research. Those involved were an amazing bunch of people, yes we had our little disagreements but all in all, we had one thing close to our hearts.

The Investigation of the mysteries!!

Nothing remains of an earlier castle here at Elcho, and the present building dates back to around 1570.

The main structure is of a massive tower house plus an outer courtyard and ranges of buildings to the south; unfortunately only fragmentary remains of which survive. In 1830 the Eighth Earl of Wemyss re-roofed the tower house and pulled down most of the buildings in the outer courtyard. In 1929, the Eleventh Earl placed the castle in the care of the State, and it is today in the custody of Historic Scotland.

This was one of the first locations visited, as mentioned above, and it yielded good material. Truly a stunning location; but paranormal activity was non-existent at that time.

I did come away with a rather nasty scratch on his forearm, but it was decided at the time that it may have been caused by the clothing, although it was hard to get a definite conclusion.

Who knows the real reason for this instance, it is one of those things we need to chalk down as unexplainable, or go for the easiest explainable possibility till more information is evident.

One thing I will say, this castle is extremely cold inside and the variation between the outside and inside temperature was very much noticeable.

There were parts in the lower castle where I noticed that my breath was very much viewable, by its misty nature, and I was actually shivering due to the temperature.

I had to hold my breath while filming and taking photos so as not to pollute the images with natural occurrences, that later could be mistaken as some type of manifestation.

As always, the audio device was placed and the material is being reviewed at the time of typing this small piece. You can rest assured that if anything is discovered, it will be shared with you, both in this article (future re-edit) and under the audio section of the website.

Please do enjoy the photographs and video provided. They are for your enjoyment and to allow you to feel the atmosphere, especially those with the inability to visit.

All comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome as always.

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