Edinburgh Vaults Experience

On Saturday 27th August, I entered the Blair Street Vaults with 20 other members on a Mercat all night vigil.

Upon the group vigils, the area seemed calm and even though my 1st photo of the night contained orbs, I kept my mind open to what these could be. We started in the cobblers room, which was pretty calm as was the wine room, but as we moved on into the caretakers room I was drawn to the white room.
I was setting my camcorder up when in a split second, a smelly” breeze crossed my face and what sounded like a footstep. as I was not expecting anything at that point, I cursed and ran out of the room to next door. The guide asked me what I had experienced and I explained it and calmly went on, he took a reading of the temperature in the room and it was a pleasant 18 degrees.

He stayed with us as I started to call out and the temperature seemed to drop. he took another reading and as I filmed the thermometer the temp dropped from 18 degrees to 15.3 in a matter of minutes. The temp then went back to a stable 17.5 degrees, yet when asked to drop again it continued to respond dropping to just under 16 degrees. even with 5 of us in the room, the temp kept dropping.

As we moved on again we were in the corridor between the tavern and the safe room, it was here that my jeans were pulled at the waist hight, I bolted around (the guide watching in amusement from the other end) and no one was there.

While on our walkabouts, myself and two other members were discussing the site in the double height room, and we kept getting a strange smell wift by, not alcohol but coffee. very peculiar.

While I was sitting in the white room, all was silent, I was staring at the walls whereby the weirdest experience happened, I started to see very vivid visuals, not photos but what seemed like a film playing, the three visuals are detailed below:

1. a gaunt man black hair and sideburns, very neatly dressed but not a pleasant character, tall black hat and a wry smile,

2.the second image was of a balding man, a heavy tanned apron on having two thumbs pressing into his eye sockets

3. the last image was of the top part of a lady, naked and pale and what seemed to be performing a sexual act.

I thought it could be that I was tired, but they looked very vivid and definitely not the pattern of the wall. I have had many moments, whereby I can “see” through thought, spirits etc as part of my mediumship, but never images like this. As I discussed this with the guides and my two friends for the night from the Wirral, who I believe are members on here, they seemed very intrigued and shocked to here this information, which was later verified by them at the end of the night.

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