What Is Echovox

What Is Echovox

What Is EchovoxI’m often asked this question [What Is Echovox] due to the plethora of videos, and ongoing testing sessions I conduct with the Echovox System.

Many people are gaining results you see, with many an eyebrow now being raised by those with the mind open enough to test the system.

What we have here, is a fantastic piece of software that can run on your Smart-phone or PC tablet [I use Android Version] and can then discreetly be used on location.

My usage is widespread in or around locations, with reported hauntings, due to the nature of my study and observations.

Many people – out-with the field – use the Echovox System for personal verifications or deep interest in spiritual communication.

My latest findings suggest, that not only the average researcher – or person on the street – use this system, but an increasing amount of mystics, spiritual mediums, and sensitive-intuitive people are picking up the Echovox System and using it to coincide with their already developing gift.

You see, the hypothesis here – and as I’ve continued to present openly for months now – is the unique ability of this system to provide coherent local dialect captures using sound-waves, frequencies and produce an electronic soup of potentiality.

EchovoxThe Echovox system would seem to tap into those areas that spiritual mediums can, albeit, without the visual aspect or symbolic jigsaw building that many of these gifted people experience.

This is purely sound you see, with audio phonetic sound banks playing at high randomness, allowing non-physical to use these non-physical fields, to use in the unique creation of turning chaos into coherent order.

I find this works on many levels, and this is why it can be hard for the average person with limited knowledge to understand.

It can be simple for myself to intellectualise it all, due to the vast amount of study, hypothetical thinking, and philosophising with what I have researched. I have dived deep into the quantum world, I have read study after study – that seem to be invisible to mainstream science reporting – and thus, I am able to build working models due to this learning [that is ongoing]

You see, visiting locations and gathering material is a tiny part of my personal – and public – research along with resulting presentations. Where some may not have the time nor desire to continue learning – as we evolve through Quantum Physics, latest Mind-Matter experimentation and discoveries – I do try to keep at the forefront so I can shift hypothetical ideas and public interactions.

I’m also well aware that fundamentally, we are all consciousness and that a bigger system is at play here.

This system alters results, and the best way of doing such, is through randomness and allowing new observations to be collected through such.

Okay, so lets backtrack before I loose people….

EchovoxElectric-Voice Phenomena or EVP, is the known phenomena whereas voices are captured on electronic device with no natural source for such.

It has long been suggested that such audible captures, which may be single words or phrases, are the result of non-physical communication or in other words, Spirits of the departed leaving a message.

The Echovox system is an advanced technology where we step further along this path of communication.

It’s a real-time system – unlike digital Dictaphone sessions – where we have the ability to Echovoxhear the feedback live or under slight delay. This is enhanced with the additional ability to record all sessions for later analysis. Which I must add is highly recommended or you will lose interesting data!

It incorporates a natural loop echo system, that when added to the sound-banks phonetics, creates a random chaotic condition under sound, that is open to spirit communication through system manipulation.

In other words, creating order out of chaos and pin-pointing coherence.

Imagine the possibilities if phrases were to transpire with such?

Well, those very phrases have, and in a very location specific way which includes local accents and information that relates to the user or history of the location.

The evidence of such is available on this very site under the relevant sections.

Throughout the chaos, randomness and then coherence of possible non-physical audio manipulation, you also gain the standard EVP capture that comes from within the background noise! So you are actually working on those many levels I speak of above!

How about messages from source! What-if excellent researchers and consciousness explorers such as Tom Campbell, NASA Physicist, are correct in conclusions that we are part of a big system that is evolving.

What if his information is spot on, that the system gives us nudges through such practices as EVP in order to wake us up to a larger reality than the one we have been conditioned to believe.

So this is yet another level, possible communication that is in place to help us grow up spiritually, mentally, and see the bigger picture. This can also occur through clear Echovox captures among other things.

This is not a flight of fantasy, there is data available to show that our very conscious interaction with such testing does alter the results.

This is why I suggest an open-mind with the ability to move position with great flexibility. Staying open to everything yet attached to nothing!

So to summarise, and really just adding to the information I have already provided in other likewise articles….

The Echovox System is a feedback system that can be used for hypothetical spiritual communication, using non-physical means, that can be tapped into by both the physical and non-physical realms.

We are using vibrations, frequencies, and energy to bridge the gap, and really impressing upon what Tesla always suggested.

Nikola Tesla — ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

Use the Echovox system, collect your own data, and then share it without fear or favour!

Never allow naysayers to sway your opinion, as they have never used the system or come from an area of bias in favour of a belief system.

Always collect your own data and be sure 100% within!

If you have this software already, please be aware that an update has been put in place in the last few days so update please.

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