Echovox Does Not Sweep Radio Signals

I’m often asked What Is Echovox, due to the plethora of videos, and ongoing testing sessions, I conduct with the Echovox System. Many people are gaining results you see, with many an eyebrow now being raised by those with the mind open enough, to test the system.

One thing it is not, is a hacked radio, watch the video…..

4 thoughts on “Echovox Does Not Sweep Radio Signals”

  1. ok so I just started using this and I know its pickin up legit deceased people. So there is NO chance that these other conversations im hearing are real people? No cb signals truck drivers etc????? If that the case im surrounded.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Absolute fact and 100% impossible for external signals such as Radio. This is not a scanning radio receiver you see!! Next step is to find relevance and personal subjective evidence for yourself! Only then can YOU be sure! Keep me updated 🙂

  3. thank you so much for clarifying. I have plenty of proof, I think Im in shock. I have no choice but to know its legit when these voices know I have blonde hair, they knew I was showing them a gun and told me who it belonged to and they were right. This is incredible!! I do have one guy who comes through every time no matter where I am at….. That concerns me. I have heard him say his name without the EVP…. and Im getting a voice ( her name, and saying my name) that i recognize from a woman i know who is not dead. INCREDIBLE. Scary. NOT to be toyed with by any one who doesnt respect the spirit realm!!!!

  4. I have to agree fully with you in regards to the “Not to be toyed with” and it is one area I would urge caution too, for many people.

    Keep gathering that information! You are doing great!

    I can only theorize with the voice from someone alive, as in, our consciousness can split at will and we can communicate, even if not fully aware. Prime example happens when we sleep. Hope that clarifies a possibility. 🙂

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