Echovox: Slow Down, Gain Results

Lately, we have looked at ways to aid people who are using the Echovox System, on their hand-held devices. We have looked at the crucial areas to focus on, and the majority are satisfied that the software is gaining results worth looking into.

The feedback I’m receiving internationally, here at Haunted Scotland, would suggest the device is used by three main groups of people.

On location, through my colleagues in the paranormal field, privately by those interested in exploring such areas, and finally, psychic mediums and other intuitives, who find it compliments a developing and progressing gift.

There are a plethora of articles on this site to help these areas of interest, so please do search through the archives or scan through the “Ghost Voices” section.

As a side note, I term it ghost voices research as a title to this area of work, I rarely use the term ghost in a research sense, preferring non-physical or spirit. Many of the general public I speak with do use the term, and for simplicity, I adopt the title for the general readers, and watchers of the videos produced.

Back to the Echovox…..

As the title says – Slow Down, Gain Results – I will clarify exactly what I mean, and how you can increase the possibilities of gaining more coherent captures and phrases.

Leave Gap Between Questions

It is one of the most simple, and clearly understood techniques when using the Echovox System, however, from personal experience it is also easily forgotten, or mighty uncomfortable if in company, to allow (pardon the pun) dead air time for replies.

Nevertheless, it is crucial that a bare minimum of 30’s – preferable more – is reserved for possible replies after each question asked.

The risk will be talking over the top of part, or all, of the feedback you receive. This will ensure you miss anything live on location, and an audio file that you can not clearly understand when you come to analyse.

The best practice is to clearly state your question and then bite that lip!

Patience & Focus

Remain fully focused on the session, which in all honesty should be no longer than 10mins to aid analysis, and close out all distractions.

Ensure everyone that is present, also remain focused and silent. Do not become lackadaisical in this, you want some good captures right?

I have witnessed some people who may rush through the sessions a little fast and miss some good material.

This is not a criticism, more a personal observation that I wish to highlight to help.

I’ve touched on our mental attitude – along with how our thoughts affect the field at a quantum level – in past articles, and I wish to restate this vitally important understanding when it comes to conducting Echovox sessions.

Place yourself in a state of pure focus on communication with spirit, at a nice slow and patient pace.

This is equally important when it comes to the analysis part of the process. It has been shown that 10 minutes of audio can take up to 2 hours, at times, to analyse.

Search For Phrases

Now, this is one that will heap on a little more work for you, but it will completely shock you, and have you questioning things so much deeper.

Why? Hearing coherent single words are interesting, hearing phrases is so much harder to dismiss!

It has been shown, throughout the process of analysis, that phrases are sometimes clearly present, but we grab the clear word and forget to check the whole 30’s of audio for the rest of the communication.

My top tip for this is to listen to the section before grabbing the single word. What I mean is, listen to the possible words and see if they form a phrase, discounting the small gaps between each word.

Obviously, if it is not coherent then chances are, it is not anything significant. We certainly do not want to be creating anything that clearly is not there, but, on the flip side we do not want to miss anything that clearly is!

Just be more mindful of the possibilities, that the great clear word may be part of some communication for you, in the form of a full coherent phrase.

So my key message to you today is:

  1. Slow Down The Process
  2. Leave Gaps Between Questions (30s MIN)
  3. Focus Fully On Session
  4. No Goofing Around
  5. Piece Together Words if Coherent
  6. Positive Mental Attitude & Open Mindset

If you wish further advice, tips or do not understand something in relation to the Echovox system, please do message me here at Haunted Scotland, leave a comment or send an email to the address below.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
Contact Ryan:

2 thoughts on “Echovox: Slow Down, Gain Results”

  1. You are correct. Leaving a gap is crucial . One , because it’s polite. You wouldn’t ask someone sitting across from you a question and then immediately start talking. You would give them time to respond. Two , because you’re not going to hear anything except yourself if you don’t leave gaps of response times.Three, we don’t know how it works in the spirit realm. There could be a delay in our questions being heard by them . I’ve asked questions and recieved responses a good time later. It is easily forgotten though. I have lost many good captures because of me talking to quickly. I will only hear the beginning or ending of the word with my voice drowning it out.

    Keep informing us of better ways to use this device. Although I have used the EV for a while there are still many things I have learned from reading your reviews , ideas , and suggestions that has made my experience with the device easier and less frustrating .

  2. Hi Nik, thank you for your kind words, and I am so glad the material is helping you! I always said, if I can help even one person, then putting material out would have been a massive success. I will certainly construct some more after the festive period!

    You make excellent points and provoke good thought! Superb Stuff!!

    Many Blessings,

    Ryan 🙂

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