Is The Echovox Real or Fake?

Is The Echovox Real or Fake?
This is a common question by people who are just starting to discover the Echovox Application for Android or iPhone devices.

They listen to captures on sound-cloud or Youtube with intrigue, but sprinkles of doubt start to manifest.

Is The Echovox Real or Fake?

I mean, surely we would hear about this on the news if it was real, such a massive discovery with scientists clambering to study, probe, and recreate the communication?

In an ideal world this would be the case, but unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world and there is zero appetite – or funding – to dive into the area of afterlife study in such a large-scale.

Incidentally, I find it astonishing, as eventually we will all ‘meet our maker’ so why we do not study and try to understand such is rather confusing indeed.

So if people are waiting for some sort of verification from those who have deemed themselves experts on reality, they will have a long wait and the mainstream media only report what they are told to by the big bosses, who are more interested in profits than spiritual matters.

We are blessed however to have people who have no funding and utilise their spare time for the cause.  This includes testing the Echovox and sharing the results with the world.

People such as Steve Huff, are creating a new path through the thick overgrowth of cynicism and old thinking, to emerge into a clearing with new thoughts, new hypothesises, and lots and lots of fresh experience.

The latter being the key I must add, as the real experts are those who experience – the clue is in the structure of the words – and not just being able to recite word for word from books, which can only be deemed as same old same old with not much of a progression or real forward movement.

So to personal experience is to personally know, regardless of what others say or think.

This takes me nicely onto the Echovox itself, and the results gained from it over the last 18 months of personal study and testing.

There was none as sceptical as I was with regards to a phone app that could gain embedded voices and which let us not forget, was being portrayed as the next stage in Electronic Voice Phenomenon EVP research and communication.

However, rather than pre-judging the results – without using the devices – or failing to work on personal hypothesises to what may be transpiring so to understand better, I took the decision to find out for myself, and I have never looked back with regret in doing so.

What you hear on the videos I produce is 100% genuine, nothing is ever enhanced in a way to deceive the public, and as I continue to say over and over at public events – and meet-ups with my fellow researchers – I spend at least an hour per ‘5 minutes’ of audio in analysis mode, to ensure I get it as correct as possible.

What we clearly have here are non-sourced voices which produce relevant phrases or words on location via audio. We are providing the ability for unseen energies to manipulate the bed of random phonetics – the basic sounds of speech but not words themselves – and in turn through the electronic soup of randomness we are gaining coherence.

To elaborate on coherence, I would cite feedback from the Echovox in response to questions such as “Who is The King” and gaining “King George” or perhaps a gifted Medium saying the word “Marquess” at nearly the exact time the Echovox says the same word in a different tone.

Some of these results were so great, that some sceptics tried to accuse the result as being radio stations.

However, if they had tested, understood the closed loop set up and actually held the application for more than 5 minutes, they would see the fallacy in this ill-advised conclusion.

Make no mistake, the Echovox is not fake, it is genuinely one of the very few inventions in the field that is gaining results and making a mighty impression.

I feel that discoveries in afterlife communication will centre on sound, vibrations, frequencies and energies and the more we probe this area, the more we will awaken to the possibilities.

No longer is communication closed off to the few who have developed their abilities – as we second guess if they are real or frauds – or have show-business sceptics gaining money by insulting people all over the world who do such, as we now have the ability to experience directly by just committing to some testing and finding out for one’s self.

I have said over and over on this website that YOU are the expert when you decide to experience directly, by shutting out the well-meaning opinion of others.

So if you want to know more about the Echovox – which you can dive in and do on your own – then use some of the links provided and arm yourself for some real testing YOU can trust.

So, Is The Echovox Real or Fake? REAL, just saying 😉

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